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In 2000, the Law Reform Commission of Hong Kong recommended legal reforms to assist victims of stalking. However, the recommendation was not heeded. The torts of private nuisance and trespass to the person may assist victims of stalking to obtain compensation.

Usual types of stalking

Recent news showed stalking to be on the rise. A primary school teacher who was imprisoned for stalking his students continued to stalk his victims after he was released from jail. A student sued the ex-teacher for harm she had suffered.  Can victims of stalking resort to civil action to seek compensation and prevent continued harassment by stalkers?

Many scholars and law commissions (e.g. In the United Kingdom and Canada) have tried to define stalking. In its ordinary meaning, many people understand stalking as continuous acts of harassment over a period of time against a person. Common types of stalking includes being followed by a sex predator on the street, receiving continuous unwelcomed telephone calls, letters, gifts from a stalker etc.

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November 2014