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Brödermann & Jahn Associate Receives Prix Bellot Award from the University of Geneva for his Doctoral Thesis

Dr. Christoph Oertel, of German law firm, Brödermann & Jahn, in Hamburg, has been awarded one of the most prestigious prizes, the Prix Bellot, for his doctoral thesis, by the University of Geneva.

The University of Geneva Law Faculty is renowned worldwide for its department on comparative law and international private law e.g. by offering the Certificate in Transnational Law. The University has strong links with the United States, for example, it holds an annual joint Summer Institute in Transnational Law with Duke University School of Law.

Dr. Christoph Oertel has conducted comparative research on strict liability (or liability without fault) in European private law. The challenges in this area of law have been taxing the best legal and academic minds for more than 100 years and have not been resolved.

Dr. Oertel gives reasons and explains why strict liability should apply and to whom and proposes a clause providing for common principles of the rules of strict liability in European private law. His proposed clause draws together all the different and controversial perceptions in this extremely diverse area. This will be important in the current and future European discussions on the harmonization of civil law.

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