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From the President's Desk

2023 Global Conference helped open new horizons for Primerus members

Befitting a venue draped in historical significance, the recent 2023 Primerus Global Conference in Versailles, France made some history of its own, attracting attorneys from more than 20 countries for a three-day autumn event that featured the theme of “Expanding Your Horizons.”

Primerus members from across the Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Americas were on hand for the annual event, which included spirited and informative roundtable discussions on marketing, attracting and retaining legal talent, and developing the future leaders of your law firm. Programs on artificial intelligence in the legal world and issues connected to cybersecurity also were highlighted at the global gathering that additionally served as a golden opportunity to explore the magnificent sights of Versailles and nearby Paris.

Versailles, which served as the de facto capital of France from 1682 to 1789, is home to the landmark Palace of Versailles, a must-see tourist destination that was built during the 17th century reign of King Louis XIV and marked its 400th anniversary this year. The glory of its grandeur, of course, is accented by the lavish gardens that were designed by Andre Le Notre, widely regarded as the most famous and influential architect in French history.

Those attending the Global Conference also had the chance to take a short train ride to Paris to sample the offerings of the “City of Lights,” which is renowned for its beauty, architecture, cultural offerings, and wealth of museums. 

Attendees also were treated to the hospitality of the Parisian law firm of Jasper Avocats, a Primerus member firm that hosted a welcoming reception on the eve of the Global Conference and a cocktail reception before the catered dinner that served as a fitting end to an event that cemented new and longstanding relationships. The finale also set the stage for the 2024 Global Conference, which will take place next October in Asheville, N.C. at the spectacular Grove Park Inn in the Blue Ridge Mountains of the Tar Heel State.

Jack C Buchanan headshot

The Global Conference is just one of many meeting opportunities that Primerus presents throughout the year, which also include such headliners as the Primerus Business Law Institute International Summit and the Primerus Defense Institute Convocation in addition to regular regional meetings involving our various practice groups.

Dovetailing with those in-person meetings are weekly Coffee and Conversation programs conducted via Zoom, as well as Networking Calls and webinars that provide regular opportunities to learn and grow.

And for that, we can thank the pandemic, which for all its tragic and disruptive consequences allowed Zoom to become a household name as a convenient and affordable cloud-based video conferencing platform that also can be used for audio conferencing, webinars, meeting recordings, and live chat.

When COVID effectively put the world in various forms of lockdown during 2020 and 2021, Zoom rode to the rescue, allowing Primerus and millions of other users to stay connected as if we were operating in normal times when face-to-face contact was the preferred method of doing business. In effect, Primerus firms from around the globe were able to communicate as freely and effectively as if they were gathered at a singular company headquarters downtown.

The wonders of technology – and all of its gee-wizardry – is especially evident on the new Primerus website that has transformed the way we connect and communicate with members and users searching for “Good People Who Happen to Be Good Lawyers.”

The new website was a project two years in the making and involved a substantial investment of time, tech talent, and financial resources to bring it to the finish line. 

But, in today’s ever-changing digital world, nothing is ever set in stone, particularly when advances in artificial intelligence are just beginning to take hold on daily life and have the potential to reshape the way we handle routine and complex business functions.  

Which is why we continue to fine tune our new website, keeping it as up to date as possible and as responsive to the needs and wishes of those who navigate it.  The website – which is our fifth version since we were founded in 1992 – also was designed with search engine optimization in mind, improving the quality and quantity of digital traffic to each of the more than 150 law firms in the Primerus community.

And servicing the needs of our growing community is pivotal to the overall purpose of Primerus and will forever remain at the heart of our steadfast commitment to elevate the legal profession in the eyes of the public.

Best regards,
Jack Buchanan, President