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Paul W.L. Russell
Paul W.L. Russell
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Russell Advocaten B.V.

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The proven Amsterdam copyright lawyer professionals at the Russell Advocaten B.V. law firm are experienced in the effective resolution of copyright lawsuits as related to copyright agreements in The Netherlands. Amsterdam copyright attorney professionals are knowledgeable in all areas of general copyright law, including but not limited to copyright infringement claims and copyright protection cases in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Clients will have the confidence of knowing that the case is being handled by an experienced and knowledgeable Amsterdam copyright lawyer.

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Experienced Amsterdam Copyright Lawyer

As a component of The Netherlands intellectual property law, a copyright enables an owner of intellectual property the right to exclude other parties from distributing, displaying, reproducing, or using the property covered by the copyright, whether it is tangible or intangible, for a specific time period.

The Dutch Copyright Act protects the writings of authors. Evolving technology has led to an ever expanding understanding of the word “writings”. Copyright now covers architectural design, software, the graphic arts, motion pictures, and sound recordings.

A copyright gives the owner the exclusive right to reproduce, distribute, perform, display, or license his work. The owner also receives the exclusive right to produce or license derivatives of his or her work. Limited exceptions to this exclusivity exist for types of “fair use”, such as book reviews. Under current law, works are covered whether or not a copyright notice is attached and whether or not the work is registered.

A local Amsterdam copyright attorney should be consulted for specific requirements in your area. An Amsterdam copyright lawyer is professional and knowledgeable in understanding the details, facts, complications, and circumstances that arise in an Amsterdam copyright case.

Trusted Amsterdam Copyright Lawyer

The Amsterdam copyright attorneys of Russell Advocaten B.V. law firm are distinguished by a history of successful copyright claim recoveries. If you or your organization is involved in a copyright dispute or need assistance drafting or reviewing a new contract, please call an Amsterdam copyright lawyer with the Russell Advocaten B.V. law firm in The Netherlands.

Russell Advocaten B.V.

Antonio Vivaldistraat 6
Amsterdam, Netherlands 1083 HP

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Russell Advocaten B.V.

Antonio Vivaldistraat 6
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