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Quick Tips – Client Relationship Management

By: Lisa M. Okasinski, Esq.
Demorest Law Firm, PLLC
Royal Oak, Michigan

Client Relationship Management (CRM) software is becoming more and more prevalent in all types of businesses, including law firms. You may be using a CRM program and not even know it!

At their core, these programs allow you to store and manage client contact information. In addition, they also provide the users with the ability to stay in touch through scheduled phone calls, correspondence, meetings and other activities. In addition, some CRM programs provide a wide array of other beneficial services.

We recently took a survey of YLS members to see what CRM programs their firms were using, if any.  These are some of the results from the survey:

  1. Over 30% did not have a CRM program
  2. For those that had a CRM program, the most common features of the CRM programs included activity scheduling, contact management, and task management
  3. 13% used CRM programs specifically designed for law firms
  4. Some of the CRM programs used included:
    • Highrise
    • ContactEase
    • PCLaw
    • Homegrown
    • Maximizer
  5. 40% were not satisfied with their current CRM program

If you need a little help managing your task list and/or maintaining client relationships, a CRM program may be able to help you.

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