International Society of Primerus Law Firms

Six Pillars of Primerus

Every lawyer in Primerus shares a commitment to a set of common values known as the Six Pillars.

Research shows that integrity is the number-one quality clients want from their lawyers. We believe clients should be able to trust their attorney completely.

Excellent Work Product
Work product is more than winning or losing. It means that all of a lawyer’s work for clients is of consistent, high quality. It means that records, as well as communications with clients, are detailed and clear. It means phone calls are returned, deadlines met and promises kept.

There are two ways Primerus ensures the quality of members’ work product. One is through reputation and strict pre-screening, checking with clients, judges and other local attorneys. The other is by choosing members who specialize in certain areas of law such as business or family law.

Reasonable Fees
Primerus member firms may work by the hour, on a contingency plan (pay if you win) or on other fee arrangements. But regardless of the structure, the fees must be reasonable, based on what is customary in their geographic area, and on the individual attorney’s knowledge and experience. We know clients are looking for value now more than ever, and Primerus members are here to deliver high-quality legal services for a good value.

Continuing Education
For Primerus members, education doesn’t end with a law degree. Primerus attorneys are required to complete an average of 30 hours of CLE (Continuing Legal Education) per year. This is more than twice the typical state bar CLE requirement.

Primerus members still hold the courtroom to be a place of honor. Accordingly, as officers of the court, all lawyers and judges deserve our respect, even when in disagreement. Members may express themselves strongly, but never rudely. Primerus attorneys pledge professionalism, in accordance with the profession’s noblest traditions.

Community Service
Law, in its purest sense, is community service. The law, fundamentally, exists to hold communities together. Primerus members pledge themselves to numerous community service endeavors including pro bono services for those who cannot afford legal counsel.

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