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Hartford Transportation and Trucking Lawyer

Connecticut transportation law encompasses federal and state laws pertaining to highways, mass transit, aviation, rail, maritime and motor carriers where it relates to the conveyance of passengers or goods especially as a commercial enterprise. Transportation & trucking law in Connecticut also encompasses traffic safety, hazardous materials and pipelines. The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) was formed to achieve a uniform transportation policy for the nation. Although the agency coordinates all transportation in the U.S., the laws that govern drivers are largely state-created and governed.

Szilagyi & Daly: A Trusted Transportation & Trucking Law Firm in Hartford

A highly skilled trucking litigation attorney in Hartford, Connecticut handles transportation cases arising from automobile and commercial trucking accidents in Connecticut. The team of Hartford transportation lawyer professionals at Szilagyi & Daly work with insurance companies and self-insureds defending aggressively against claims for personal injury and wrongful death. Szilagyi & Daly has successfully defended operators and owners of tractor-trailers, school buses, tour buses, trucks, and other commercial vehicles in Connecticut transportation cases.

The Hartford transportation litigation lawyers at Szilagyi & Daly provide expert legal guidance pertaining to transportation and trucking laws in Connecticut including:

  • Air Cargo Law
  • Bills of Lading Law
  • Cargo Claims Law
  • Common Carrier Law
  • Common Carrier Liability Law
  • Freight Claims Law
  • Freight Loss and Damage Law
  • Highway Construction Law
  • Highway Design Liability Law
  • International Shipping Law
  • International Transportation Law
  • Interstate Commerce Law
  • Logistics Law
  • Mass Transit Law
  • Motor Carrier Defense Law
  • Motor Carrier Law
  • Motor Carrier Liability Law
  • Motor Carrier Regulation Law
  • Public Transportation Law
  • Surface Transportation Law
  • Transit Labor Law
  • Transportation Liability Law
  • Transportation Regulation Law
  • Transportation Safety Law
  • Truck Accidents Law
  • Truck Overweight Violations Law
  • Trucking Law
  • Trucking Liability Law

An Honest Guide to Transportation & Trucking Law in Connecticut

Szilagyi & Daly has a network of medical professionals and accident reconstructionists to assist in the investigation, evaluation, and defense of automobile liability claims. The Connecticut transportation lawyers have thorough knowledge of Connecticut transportation law and relevant federal motor carrier safety regulations, providing the expert framework for transportation defense work along with timely reporting and a vigorous defense at a reasonable cost.

The Szilagyi & Daly transportation lawyers' targeted, effective and cost-conscious approach is predicated on the specific facts of each crash and analysis of witness interviews. Each Hartford, Connecticut transportation law case begins with a thorough review of the accident by one of our Hartford transportation attorney professionals including an on-scene investigation of the crash site and post-accident reviews.

Contact a Connecticut Transportation Defense Lawyer in Hartford

Szilagyi & Daly Attorneys & Counselors at Law in Connecticut handle the defense of a wide variety of civil claims in both federal court and Connecticut state court. The Hartford law firm regularly attends continuing legal education classes, investing in the latest technology in order to better communicate with its clientèle and deliver enhanced transportation and trucking accident legal services in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Szilagyi & Daly attorneys practicing in the area of Transportation Law: