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Hartford Hospitality Lawyer

Hartford Connecticut Hospitality Attorney represents retail stores, shops, hotels, motels, restaurants and bars in Connecticut courts. The law firm of Szilagyi & Daly has Hartford hospitality attorney professionals experienced in defending retail stores and hospitality companies in Connecticut. Hartford retail and hospitality lawsuits are often quite complex, involving slip and fall, liquor liability, bed bugs, customer discrimination, food poisoning, burns, injuries, negligent security, assault, false arrest, and other claims of operator negligence. Parties held liable can include restaurants, hotels, motels, retail business owners, private clubs, homeowners, event sponsors, bartenders and others. The Hartford hospitality litigation defense attorney professionals at the Szilagyi & Daly law firm have extensive experience with Connecticut retail liability and litigation involving restaurants, motels, hotels and hospitality companies in Hartford County, Connecticut.

Hartford Hospitality Attorney Defends Hotel Owners, Restaurant Owners and Retail Store Owners

Retailers face a wide variety of potential adverse exposures ranging from the most common slip-and-fall cases to sensitive false arrest and racial discrimination actions as well as liquor liability and dram shop claims.

Connecticut retailers have become targets for significant money damage claims, and awards against major retailers have been on the rise in Connecticut and nationwide.

The Connecticut retail and hospitality defense lawyer professionals at the Szilagyi & Daly law firm have extensive experience within this industry that enables them to evaluate each case at an early stage, so they can quickly advise their clients on the most cost-effective way to proceed. Further, this Connecticut retail and hospitality law firm offers unique knowledge of the retail services and hospitality industry allowing them to evaluate not only the potential monetary exposure to clients, but also the potential impact upon the retailer's public perception in the greater Hartford county area and throughout the state of Connecticut.

Hartford hospitality defense lawyer professionals handle restaurant defense, bar establishment defense, mall and hotel defense in hospitality and retail liability claims in Connecticut involving:

  • Negligence Actions
  • Food-Borne Illnesses
  • False Arrest
  • Malicious Prosecution
  • Liquor Liability
  • Alcohol Server
  • Negligent Security
  • Premises Liability (trip-and-fall, escalator accidents, etc...)
  • Assault
  • Defamation
  • Civil Rights Violations
  • Discrimination Actions
  • Product Liability
  • Dram Shop
  • Liquor Liability
  • Wrongful Death

Retail and Hospitality Attorney in Hartford Connecticut

Szilagyi & Daly has significant experience with hospitality and retail litigation in Connecticut and in defending clients in Connecticut retail liability claims.

The Connecticut retail defense attorney professionals take an aggressive and exacting approach to investigating the facts of any Hartford county hospitality or retail liability case in Connecticut.

The Hartford County hospitality lawyer professionals at the law firm are skilled at assessing the potential impact of the variables in a case, including the opposition, the venue in which the complaint has been filed and the potential makeup of a jury.

The Connecticut retail litigation attorneys at Szilagyi & Daly are also experienced in handling the administrative aspects of slip and fall cases, alcohol server, liquor liability, and negligent security cases within the State of Connecticut.

The Connecticut retail defense attorney professionals at Szilagyi & Daly are uniquely qualified to represent defendants in retail store liability or hospitality defense cases by aiding insurance carriers and their clients in understanding how Connecticut retail and hospitality laws apply. Szilagyi & Daly is a premier boutique civil trial firm in Hartford Connecticut that serves insurance carriers, self-insured companies and other entities. The law firm strives to achieve results that exceed clients' expectations. This Connecticut retail and hospitality law firm's smaller size means that each client works with a partner, ensuring gold standard service and responsiveness. The firm has also made a significant investment in technology and cost containment that translates to savings for our clients.

Hartford Dram Shop Lawyer

The Szilagyi & Daly law firm has Connecticut Dram shop attorney professionals who focus on Dram shop law in Hartford County and all of Connecticut. Dram shop law and Dram shop liability holds the servers and owners of a restaurant, bar or any retail location licensed to serve alcohol. In Connecticut, the Liquor Control Division that resides within the Department of Consumer Protection helps safeguard Connecticut citizens by regulating all persons and firms involved in the distribution, sales, as well as the dispensing of alcoholic beverages and liquor in order to prevent the sale of alcohol to underage minors, intoxicated persons, and also to ensure that bars, restaurants, pubs, saloons, taverns, retail grocery stores, retail convenience stores, party stores, and any other businesses licensed to sell alcohol in Connecticut are maintaining product integrity in serving alcohol properly within the legal guidelines as defined by the Connecticut Liquor Control Commission (CLCC).

Committed Hartford Retail Lawyer

The law firm of Szilagyi & Daly prides itself on its longstanding relationships with their clients, which has resulted from their commitment to providing cost-effective legal services and high-quality work.

Whether a customer fell in the parking lot or contracted food poisoning, schedule a free initial consultation with one of the law firm's Connecticut liquor liability lawyer professionals in Hartford, Connecticut.