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Houston Equipment Finance and Leasing Lawyer

The proven Houston equipment finance and leasing lawyers at Stephenson Fournier are experienced in the effective resolution of claims related to the commercial sale and lease of equipment in Texas. Houston equipment finance and leasing attorneys are knowledgeable in all areas of general equipment finance and leasing law, including but not limited to vehicle leasing and equipment financing in Houston, Texas. Clients will have the confidence of knowing that the case is being handled by an experienced and knowledgeable Houston equipment finance and leasing lawyer.

Experienced Houston Equipment Finance and Leasing Attorney

The Houston Equipment finance and leasing attorneys have experience representing clients in matters involving:

  • Equipment Financing
  • Equipment Leasing
  • Financing Agreements
  • Leasing Arrangements
  • Vehicle Leasing

The legal scope of Texas equipment leasing focuses on the commercial and financial activities and conditions under which an equipment owner permits the use of the equipment to another party in exchange for lease payments. Equipment leasing is a common opportunity for organizations, for leasing eliminates the need to invest large sums of capital in equipment.

The two primary types of leases are operating and long-term or "capital" leases. Operating leases are characterized by short-term, cancelable terms; the lessor bears the risk of obsolescence and enjoys such benefits as depreciation, including, if applicable, accelerated depreciation. These leases are generally preferable when the company needs the equipment for a short period of time. Under the usual terms of operating leases, a lessee can usually cancel the lease, assuming prior notice, without a major penalty. Long-term, "capital," non-cancelable leases, also known as full payout or financial leases, are sources of financing for assets the lessee company wants to acquire and use for longer periods of time. Most financial leases are "net" leases, meaning that the lessee is responsible for maintaining and insuring the asset and paying all property taxes, if applicable. Financial leases are often used by businesses for expensive capital equipment in Houston.

A local Houston equipment finance and leasing attorney should be consulted for specific requirements in your area. A Houston equipment finance and leasing lawyer is professional and knowledgeable in understanding the details, facts, complications, and circumstances that arise in a Houston equipment finance and leasing case.

Trusted Houston Equipment Finance and Leasing Law Firm

The Houston equipment finance and leasing attorneys at Stephenson Fournier are distinguished by a history of successful equipment finance and leasing claim recoveries through settlements and verdicts. If you or your organization is involved in an equipment finance dispute or need assistance reviewing equipment leasing documentation, please contact a Houston equipment finance and leasing lawyer at Stephenson Fournier in Texas.

Stephenson Fournier attorneys practicing in the area of Equipment Finance and Leasing Law: