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Pittsburgh Energy Lawyer

The experienced Pittsburgh energy attorneys at Rothman Gordon, a trusted Pittsburgh energy law firm, are highly skilled energy litigation attorneys that have managed a variety of energy cases in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The Pittsburgh energy lawyers provide extensive experience in many aspects of Pennsylvania energy law.

A highly skilled Pittsburgh energy lawyer at Rothman Gordon offers more than just legal advice for an energy case. They also fully understand alternative energy, shale gas production, and hydraulic fracking in the Marcellus shale and Utica shale fracking sites in Pennsylvania. If you have legal questions or concerns regarding property rights in the Marcellus shale, Utica shale or any of the fracking sites in Pennsylvania, contact a fracking lawyer at Rothman Gordon.

Seek counsel from an experienced Shale gas and property leasing attorney in Allegheny County, Fayette County, Western Pennsylvania and across the commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Opportunists are offering to be agents for large fees to flip real estate producer’s leases to fracking and shale gas producers. Pipeline companies are seeking easements.

Before signing any fracking contract, you should understand:

  • What surface and underground rights you are signing away?
  • How are your royalties calculated?
  • What taxes will you pay?
  • What is the primary term?
  • How will producers extend that term?
  • What does pooling and unitization mean to an owner?
  • What can happen to your surface, including its market value and ability to mortgage?

Oil and gas contacts and fracking property rights leases in Pennsylvania are often complex and rarely formulaic. Seeking experienced counsel and contacting a trusted Pennsylvania fracking lawyer before you sign any property rights, mineral rights or real estate leasing contract is a prudent decision.

Pittsburgh Fracking Litigation Attorney

Hydraulic fracturing and fracking in the Marcellus shale and Utica shale have been a boon to the region's economy. With so much money involved, there will be disputes over mineral & gas rights, property rights, lease terms, real estate property damage, and environmental remediation.

The experienced Pittsburgh fracking lawyer professionals at the Rothman Gordon law firm can review old leases to determine if it is they are still enforceable or whether a new lease can be made to reap higher signing bonuses, royalty percentages, shut-in fees and a variety of protections that are being offered, and, if necessary, litigate on your behalf.

Property and Estate Issues

The Pittsburgh fracking attorney professionals are experienced in wealth management and asset protection and can assist individuals in transferring wealth from generation to generation at the lowest income and estate tax cost.

Marcellus shale bonus payments and royalties are no different. Whether you own 10 acres or 10,000 acres, the Pittsburgh fracking property lawyers of Rothman Gordon can assist you in developing a plan to pass this wealth on to future generations and minimize the tax implications.

The Pittsburgh energy attorney counselors at Rothman Gordon can provide legal focus with lawsuits involving fracking activity that may have contaminated drinking water supplies on private property. Speak with a Fracking Water Contamination Attorney that has experience with Hydraulic Fracturing Water Contamination in the Marcellus Shale and Utica Shale areas of Pennsylvania.

The Hydraulic Fracturing Litigation team at Rothman Gordon can help property owners in lawsuits involving Hydraulic fracking operations in the Utica and Marcellus shale regions of Pennsylvania. Contact a Marcellus and Utica shale hydraulic fracturing litigation attorney in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The firm offers Pittsburgh fracking lawyer professionals, litigators and trial lawyers with experience managing Marcellus Shale lawsuits and Hydrofracking in the Marcellus Shale, and Marcellus fracking litigation cases in western Pennsylvania.

Contact a Marcellus Shale Oil and Gas Litigation Attorney with experience in fracking lawsuits, insurance claims and hydraulic fracturing litigation in Pennsylvania. If you have concerns about property rights, leases and commercial real estate interests that may be impacted by hydraulic fracturing, fracking and gas harvesting in the Marcellus or Utica shales, contact the Rothman Gordan law firm by submitting the contact form on the right-hand side of this page.

Pittsburgh energy lawyer professionals have extensive experience managing Marcellus and Utica shale Fracking litigation cases and can help real estate owners in lawsuits involving land rights, fracking and water testing used in hydraulic fracking in the Utica shale.

Hydraulic Fracking Litigation attorneys are available to speak with you about Marcellus Shale natural gas production at the site of a natural gas hydraulic fracturing and extraction operation that may have damaged the water supply in Pennsylvania. If you have questions about ownership rights and real estate property rights for hydraulic fracking and shale gas production in the Utica or Marcellus shales in Pennsylvania, contact a Pittsburgh energy lawyer at the Rothman Gordon law firm.

Experienced Pittsburgh Oil and Gas Attorney

The experienced Pittsburgh oil and gas attorneys at Rothman Gordon, a trusted Pittsburgh energy law firm, are highly skilled energy litigation attorneys that have managed a variety of energy cases in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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