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Hong Kong Immigration Lawyer

Immigration Services is a division of the Private Clients Department at ONC Lawyers.

A major part of ONC Lawyers' immigration services is advising and assisting clients in their application under the Capital Investment Entrant Scheme (“CIES”), a scheme introduced by the Hong Kong SAR Government to provide individuals and their family members the opportunity to acquire right of residency in Hong Kong through permissible investments in Hong Kong.

This scheme is gaining more and more popularity among wealthy individuals from Mainland China, who wish to obtain Hong Kong resident status that gives them more flexibility for staying in Hong Kong and managing their funds in global investments.

This scheme applies to foreign nationals (except nationals of Afghanistan, Albania, Cuba, and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea), Macau SAR residents, Taiwan residents and Chinese nationals. In the case of Chinese applicants however, they are required to first obtain permanent resident status in a foreign country. For applicants who do not already have one, a Hong Kong immigration lawyer can assist them in obtaining such status, for example, permanent resident status of Gambia (a small nation on the west coast of Africa).

Experienced Hong Kong Immigration Lawyer

Besides immigration into Hong Kong under the CIES, the Hong Kong immigration attorneys also provide services for other inbound immigration matters including:

  • Employment visa
  • Visa to enter Hong Kong for investment (to establish/join in business) under the General Employment Policy
  • Admission Scheme for Mainland Talents and Professional

The Hong Kong immigration lawyers offer professional services in immigration law matters, including:

  • Reviewing the application circumstances, including the relevant information of the applicant, his family and/or the sponsor
  • Choosing the most appropriate visa type for the applicant
  • Advising on the justification for the application
  • Submission of application to the Hong Kong Immigration Department
  • Responding to enquiries from the Hong Kong Immigration Department
  • Other follow-up matters

ONC Lawyers attorneys practicing in the area of Immigration Law: