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Milwaukee Construction Lawyer

The proven Milwaukee construction lawyers at Kohner, Mann and Kailas, S.C. have experience representing construction companies, workers and contractors against alleged defective machinery or dangerous practices as it relates to construction law in the state of Wisconsin. The reputation of Kohner, Mann and Kailas, S.C. as accomplished lien and bond attorneys and litigators, combined with their national record of enforcing creditors’ contractual rights, allows them to negotiate out-of-court settlements successfully for clients not only where valid lien or bond claims exist, but also when contract law is the only available remedy.

The Milwaukee construction attorneys have experience representing clients in construction law matters involving:

  • Bond Claims
  • Lien & Construction Lien Claims
  • Lien Foreclosure
  • Miller Act

Experienced Milwaukee Construction Attorney

Wisconsin construction law covers all legal issues regarding the construction process from acquiring land and financing a project to post-construction dispute resolution. This includes a wide scope of matters, such as building contracts, construction and builders’ liens, bonds and sureties, tendering, and construction claims, which pertain to all parties in the construction industry, including architects, subcontractors, general contractors, material suppliers, builders, designers, developers, planners, engineers and financial institutions.

Construction law in Wisconsin may embody improvements of all sizes and complexity from basic, residential work, to enormous, complex projects of hydroelectric impoundment and generation, city planning, and mass transportation. While Milwaukee construction law cuts across a broad spectrum of laws, it is still closely interrelated with many of the traditionally recognized principles and doctrines of the law, including real property, contracts, torts, business organizations, labor, tax, and (possible) conflicts of laws.

Contract terms and definitions in construction documents are very important because they eliminate ambiguity and misunderstanding; they also govern the specific understanding and agreement of the parties to the contract, and provide the framework for interpretation and resolution of construction contract claims under the laws of each state.

Trusted Milwaukee Construction Law Firm

The Milwaukee construction attorneys at Kohner, Mann and Kailas, S.C. are distinguished by a history of successful construction law recoveries and resolutions. Kohner, Mann and Kailas, S.C. “one-stop shop” philosophy provides construction clients with the ability to perform and enforce their lien and bond rights throughout the country. By ensuring that clients have accurate lien and bond claims filed and enforced within the applicable deadlines, Kohner, Mann and Kailas, S.C. attorneys have established a record of speeding-up and increasing net recoveries by clients, wherever the debtor is located. For experienced representation in a construction negligence case or a contractual disagreement, contact the Milwaukee construction lawyers at Kohner, Mann and Kailas, S.C. in Wisconsin.

Kohner, Mann & Kailas, S.C. attorneys practicing in the area of Construction Law: