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Guangzhou Business Immigration Lawyer

Many of HJM Asia Law & Co LLC's clients wish to move staff within their various offices all over the world. Due to world globalization, it is now more and more common for companies to be incorporated in one country, to hire an employee from another company and send that employee to a third country. The Guangzhou business immigration lawyers provide clients with a fast, efficient and cost-effective service for all business immigration matters for companies having staff to be based, whether temporarily or permanently, in Asia.

Trusted Guangzhou Business Immigration Attorney

The Guangzhou business immigration lawyers provide services in this field including:

  • Advising on visa types for all potential short-term and long-term foreign staff
  • Organizing all employment passes, residence permits, permanent resident permits and entry visas for foreign staff of foreign or local companies
  • Organizing all necessary paperwork, documentation, notarization services and health testing for foreigners wishing to be based in Asia

HJM Asia Law & Co LLC's track record:

  • Organizing employment passes and residence permits in China for a leading Canadian manufacturing company in the building material industry
  • Advising various North American companies on their policies on hiring Chinese and Canadian/American nationals including the required types of visas to be obtained, and the tax issues related to visa types, nationality and citizenship
  • Organizing residence permits for a Malaysian manager and its families for a light manufacturing company based in Zhongshan, China
  • Assisting a general manager of a Canadian manufacturing company in South China dealing with extension of its business visa
  • Advising a French company on temporary residence permits required for its employees
  • Advising a Belgian company involved in the car components business on visa and tax related issues including the various permits required by its Belgian management team