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Lafayette Corporate Lawyer

If you are starting a new business or focused on growing your current company, the corporate business attorneys at Gordon Arata can counsel your firm in all areas of business and commercial law planning. No matter if you have a small operation or large corporations, the Lafayette corporate lawyers can help protect your business from issues that may affect your bottom line — at every level of your business.

Gordon Arata corporate attorneys in Lafayette work with business owners and entrepreneurs, guiding clients on every aspect of the business from inception through growth and development to dissolution. The corporate business law team also assists clients in obtaining financing, provide ongoing business advice, represent clients during litigation, and counsel them through business dissolution.

Lafayette Corporate Lawyer With Significant Legal Experience

The credentials and experience of the corporate business attorneys at Gordon Arata facilitates the firm’s counseling of local, regional, national and international corporations, partnerships, individual investors, executives and professionals in business and commercial law matters. Lafayette-based Gordon Arata including:

  • Business Formation
  • Financing Business Organizations
  • Operating Business Organizations
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Purchase Agreements
  • Antitrust Regulations
  • Trade Regulations
  • Public Contracts
  • Private Contracts
  • Corporate Litigation
  • Franchising
  • Regulatory Issues
  • Administrative Issues
  • Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) Compliance

Corporate Business Lawyer Assists on Startup Companies in Lafayette

A corporate litigator at Gordon Arata in Lafayette knows how a business operates from the inside out, no matter if it is a small “mom and pop” or a large corporation, or if the business is just forming, needs assistance with finance or tips on operations. These Lafayette business lawyers can minimize a client’s legal and business risk exposure in operating a business. The corporate business law team at Gordon Arata in Lafayette and partners of the firm craft individual solutions for each client’s unique needs.

Gordon Arata: Corporate Business Law in Lafayette

For more than a century, the attorneys at Gordon Arata in Lafayette have produced a hard-working partnership dedicated to providing the best in legal representation and counseling on corporate business laws in New Orleans. Gordon Arata’s attorneys in Lafayette handle all aspects of corporate, real estate and business law; admiralty & maritime, products liability, insurance and professional liability; transportation, environmental, and oil and gas; bankruptcy, tax and estate planning; and entertainment/sports law internationally.

Gordon Arata's corporate litigators take pride in their professional abilities, dedication and attention to clients’ interests. These Lafayette corporate attorneys are also involved in a wide range of community services and projects in Lafayette. Gordon Arata is committed to these values and will continue to deliver the services and results that clients have come to expect. With offices in Lafayette and downtown New Orleans near the federal and state courthouses, Gordon Arata business and finance lawyers can provide a broad regional reach on the Gulf Coast.