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Birmingham Environmental Lawyer

Birmingham Environmental Lawyer

Environmental and toxic tort litigation is growing at a rapid pace. Corporate environmental practices and procedures have come under intense scrutiny due to an increased use of potentially hazardous chemicals and new government regulations. These changes presented significant risks and costs to business.

To successfully litigate this complex and evolving body of law, your legal team must be on the forefront of developing environmental issues. They also must be educated about advances in science and medicine and competent in defending their clients using innovative and practical strategies.

Environmental and toxic tort cases are complicated and frequently have a lot of moving parts. In order to achieve a favorable outcome, you want a law firm that will respond quickly, communicate frequently and offer relevant experience. It’s critical you work with a legal partner who will advocate for you and who will minimize your exposure to crippling liability related to environmental or toxic substances.

With extensive experience in the interpretation and application of federal, state and local environmental laws and regulations, Christian & Small’s environmental and toxic tort lawyers represent clients in:

  • Litigation
  • Regulatory and permitting issues
  • Insurance coverage issues
  • Transactional work
  • Client education matters

Our Birmingham environmental litigators routinely handle disputes in a variety of judicial forums and before federal, state and local environmental agencies. We are able to draw upon the firm’s extensive insurance resources to provide comprehensive advice in cases involving environmental issues such as the availability of coverage for clean-up activities.

With our comprehensive client education programs, we strive to keep clients informed of the latest changes in environmental law and procedure so that potential liability can be avoided or mitigated. Active participation in the Business Council of Alabama’s Environmental and Energy Committee ensures that our environmental attorneys maintain an active voice in state environmental policy and stay abreast of the latest environmental developments impacting our clients.

Christian & Small LLP attorneys practicing in the area of Environmental Law: