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Sydney Nonprofit and Charitable Organizations Lawyer

A nonprofit and charitable organizations lawyer at Carroll & O’Dea provides professional legal counsel and extensive experience in many aspects of nonprofit and charitable organizations law. The Sydney nonprofit and charitable organizations lawyers advise many not-for-profit organisations, including indigenous groups, churches and religious organisations, aged care providers, universities, schools, industry associations, unions, owners corporations, clubs and charitable trusts.

The firm's attorneys have vast experience providing not-for-profit organisations with the entire suite of legal services, including advice on contracts, property transactions, investments, joint ventures, employment law, litigation, intellectual property and corporate governance.

Experienced Sydney Nonprofit and Charitable Organizations Lawyer

The Sydney nonprofit lawyers have helped many clients incorporate, restructure, amalgamate or reconfigure their internal operations to be better equipped for the years ahead. The firm's attorneys have assisted clients in fraud investigations and recoveries and have experience negotiating with tax authorities on behalf of clients over tax exemption and deductibility matters.

The Sydney nonprofit and charitable organizations attorneys have assisted many not-for-profit organisations during litigation, inquiries, mediations and alternative dispute resolution processes. Th attorneys have extensive experience in dealing with discovery and are used to dealing with the media attention that some cases attract.

Trustworthy Sydney Nonprofit and Charitable Organizations Lawyers

The firm's attorneys have the skill to act in sensitive situations, including situations involving professional misconduct issues and historical complaints. In these situations they have always aimed to achieve reconciliation and lasting, sustainable resolutions.

Carroll & O'Dea stands on their record of doing legal work of the highest calibre, supporting clients during traumatic and unprecedented events, resolving disputes with significant adversaries in a lasting, endurable way and acting with the utmost integrity at all times.

Carroll & O'Dea Lawyers attorneys practicing in the area of Nonprofit and Charitable Organizations Law: