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Sydney Commercial Lawyer

A commercial lawyer at Carroll & O’Dea provides comprehensive legal services for business clients, covering the many legal issues and government requirements which businesses regularly face. At the time of business acquisition or establishment, the Sydney commercial lawyers can assist clients with due diligence and advice on legal requirements and structure, as well as preparing and negotiating the contracts.

The Sydney commercial dispute resolution lawyers also help their clients negotiate and draft documents for a variety of business relationships including shareholder, joint venture, partnership, trust, distributorship, management, licence, building and construction, supply, service, franchise, finance, marketing, confidentiality and outsourcing agreements.

Experienced Sydney Commercial Attorney

The commercial law practice at Carroll & O’Dea assists their clients with acquiring, protecting and dealing with a variety of types of property including intellectual property, plant equipment and other personal property, statutory licences including liquor licences, shares and units and of course real estate interests. To help the smooth operation of customer and supplier relationships and secure rights to payment or agreed services, the Sydney commercial lawyers regularly review, draft and negotiate contracts bearing in mind the many applicable laws and industry specific issues.

Trusted Sydney Commercial Lawyer

As circumstances change, the attorneys can also assist clients with business disputes, re-negotiations, restructures and sales, as well as provide revenue advice and assistance with trust, estate and succession planning. Members of the business law practice also work closely with other specialist groups in Carroll & O’Dea including Workplace Solutions at Carroll & O’Dea, Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution, Property Law; Immigration Law and the Not For Profit Group, to provide a seamless and comprehensive service to their clients.

Carroll & O'Dea Lawyers attorneys practicing in the area of Commercial Law: