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Phoenix Gaming Attorney

The Phoenix gaming attorneys of Burch & Cracchiolo P.A. provide professional representation for gaming vendors, tribal governments & gaming offices in Arizona and throughout the southwest U.S. The firm's gaming attorneys in Phoenix Arizona have extensive experience in Indian gaming laws and gaming regulation, and have played an integral part in negotiating tribal-state gaming compacts and intergovernmental agreements. Burch & Cracchiolo has counseled Tribes through litigation on a wide range of subjects, including gaming, sovereignty issues, and compact legislation and proposition challenges. Trust a Phoenix gaming attorney with the comprehensive experience and skills to provide exceptional legal services at reasonable fee.

Consult With A Phoenix Gaming Attorney Experienced In Tribal Government Relations

Burch & Cracchiolo is a full-service Phoenix Arizona law firm that collectively brings specialized expertise in government relations and ancillary areas. The firm's Phoenix gaming lawyers have established long-standing relationships with the state and sovereign nations which have been the driving force behind their Tribal government relations practice. With respect to the internal workings of Tribal governments, the firm has assisted Tribes in forming and applying internal policies and procedures, addressing employment issues and drafting ordinances. At Burch & Cracchiolo, a seasoned gaming attorney can create the optimal legal solutions in a wide range of matters involving the gaming and gaming industry in Arizona.

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  • Andrew Abraham
  • Casey Blais
  • Richard J. Brumbaugh
  • Edwin C. Bull
  • Frank Haze Burch
  • F. Michael Carroll
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  • Michael Dulberg
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  • Ralph D. Harris
  • Joel Heriford
  • Amy D. Howland
  • Susanne E. Ingold
  • Melissa Iyer
  • Todd A. Julian
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  • Steven J. Lippman
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  • Tonya K. MacBeth
  • Daniel R. Malinski
  • Daryl Manhart
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  • Bryan F. Murphy
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  • Keith A. Olbricht
  • Martha Patrick
  • M. Brennan Ray
  • Steven M. Serrano
  • James M. Stipe
  • David M. Villadolid
  • Randall Wilkins
  • Kenneth Januszewski

Highly Skilled Gaming Lawyers In Phoenix Arizona

The Phoenix gaming lawyers of Burch & Cracchiolo are highly skilled in issues pertaining to Arizona gaming law. The firm's Phoenix gaming attorneys deliver sound solutions to meet the legal needs for each client. The firm has represented Tribes in litigation on a wide range of subjects, including gaming, sovereignty issues, and compact legislation and proposition challenges. In addition, Burch & Cracchiolo has drafted and applied gaming regulations and ordinances, and assisted gaming regulators in an array of issues. For comprehensive legal services regarding Indian gaming law, trust a Phoenix gaming attorney at Burch & Cracchiolo for qualified and cost-effective counsel.

A Phoenix Gaming Attorney With Reputable Experience

The Burch & Cracchiolo team of Phoenix gaming attorneys provide sound solutions based on extensive legal experience. The firm offers a wealth of legal resources and staffs a powerful team of legal professionals with skills in many areas of law. Several of the Burch & Cracchiolo's Phoenix gaming attorneys are members of Tribal bar organizations as well as the Navajo Nation Bar Association and the Ak-Chin Indian Community Bar Association. Trust a Phoenix, Arizona gaming lawyer at Burch & Cracchiolo to provide veteran representation backed by reputable legal experience.

Phoenix Arizona Gaming Lawyers With A High Degree Of Professionalism

The Phoenix Arizona gaming lawyers of Burch & Cracchiolo include veteran trial attorneys who have served in court under numerous roles and occasions. The lawyers of the firm are adept in litigation and courtroom procedure, including jury trials at both the state and federal level. Additionally, several of the firm's gaming attorneys have been appointed as judges pro tem in the Superior Court. The Burch & Cracchiolo team of Phoenix gaming attorneys are dedicated to their practice and are committed to serving clients with a high degree of professionalism.

Phoenix Gaming Attorneys Based Upon Integrity

The Phoenix gaming attorneys of Burch & Cracchiolo are qualified lawyers based upon integrity. Their achievements, experience, education, and interests define the firm and the exceptional counsel they provide to each client. Further, the firm's gaming lawyers in Phoenix AZ emphasize a personalized approach to serving clients and provide individually tailored legal solutions to meet their needs. At Burch & Cracchiolo, a respected Phoenix Arizona gaming lawyer can provide trustworthy advice throughout a wide spectrum of Indian gaming law matters.

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Burch & Cracchiolo P.A. - The Phoenix Arizona Gaming Attorney Source

Burch & Cracchiolo P.A. is a full-service law firm founded in Phoenix, Arizona in 1970. Today, the firm boasts more than 35 attorneys accomplished in a variety of practice areas. The firm has enjoyed an exceptional reputation for more than 30 years in the Valley of the Sun. Throughout its history, the Phoenix gaming attorneys at Burch & Cracchiolo have taken pride in providing clients with a balance of the finest legal services and detailed personal attention. Rooted in the Arizona community, Burch & Cracchiolo has a successful history of representing a diverse client base of large corporations, small businesses and individuals. At Burch & Cracchiolo, the gaming lawyers in Phoenix AZ are honored to be selected by their clients and entrusted to deliver high-quality legal services that meet and exceed expectations.

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