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Coral Gables Professional Liability Lawyer

The proven Coral Gables professional liability lawyers at Agentis have experience representing clients who have been injured as a direct result of the improper care or action of a practicing professional, as it relates to professional liability law in the state of Florida.

The Coral Gables professional liability lawyers represent clients in professional liability claims involving:

  • Accountant Liability
  • Architect Liability
  • Audit Malpractice
  • Engineer Liability
  • Health Care Liability
  • Insurance Broker Liability
  • Insurance Malpractice
  • Legal Malpractice
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Real Estate Liability

Experienced Coral Gables Professional Liability Attorney

Florida professional liability law, which is also referred to as professional malpractice, occurs when a person practicing his or her profession improperly performs the duties of that profession, and someone is injured as a result. A professional malpractice suit can be brought against any type of professional, including accountants, architects, clergypersons, dentists, doctors, engineers, lawyers, and psychologists, but these types of suits most often involve members of the medical and legal professions. A professional liability lawyer in Coral Gables is knowledgeable and professional in resolving cases involving negligent conduct or lack of understanding in a professional field.

Trusted Coral Gables Professional Liability Law Firm

The Coral Gables professional liability attorneys at Agentis are distinguished by a history of successful professional liability claim recoveries. For experienced representation in a professional liability claim, contact the Coral Gables professional liability attorneys at Agentis in Florida.