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Young Lawyer Section Networking Call - 2023 09 September

Tuesday, September 19, 2023

8:00 AM PT/9:00 AM MT/10:00 AM CT/11:00 AM ET/5:00 PM CEST

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Learn how to cultivate “social fitness” for long-term health and professional success. This virtual workshop offers mindsets and strategies to build sustainable habits that foster business growth and career well-being. Discover the power of social connection and its influence on mental and physical health, performance at work, and community engagement. Gain valuable networking tips to make the most of in-person and remote events.

Presenter: Jennifer Forester

Jennifer Forester, of J Forester Consulting LLC, is a consultant and coach with 20+ years in legal marketing. She works at the intersection of business development and well-being, where she partners with lawyers to design mindsets, systems, and strategies for professional growth and personal wellness.

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