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chase them down for it. And costs came
down," Tegmeyer said. "Now, Primerus
is our primary go-to source when we have
a lawsuit."
Tegmeyer also likes that when he
uses the Primerus name when contacting
a new attorney, he knows he's going to
get only the best treatment. "I want them
to know that I got their name through
Primerus because they take pride in
that," he said.
In the process, his client at Scott's
became a Primerus believer as well.
That client, Scott's Manager of Risk
and Insurance Jason Jakubson, joined
Tegmeyer at the 2013 Primerus Defense
Institute Convocation in Boca Raton,
Florida, in April.
Primerus has also become Jakubson's
first choice when he needs to hire outside
counsel. "I have seen consistency among
all the firms," he said.
He appreciates the opportunity to
develop relationships with the attorneys
at events such as the Convocation.
"The best part was getting to meet with
the firms and attorneys who were there.
It gives me a little more trust factor
and comfort level knowing we are going
to work with a great attorney," Jakubson
said. "Anytime you hire someone
to represent you, you want that level
of security."
Shaughnessy shares the confidence
that any attorney affiliated with Primerus
will be of top quality. "The firms are very
consistent; no matter what firm I use, I
get the same high quality service."
He discovered Primerus about
four years ago when he needed legal
representation in a state other than the
five they write policies in. Sharon Stuart
of Primerus firm Christian & Small in
Birmingham, Alabama, referred him
to a Primerus firm. It was then that he
learned about the benefits of Primerus
and since then, he has worked with a
handful of Primerus firms, including
Spicer Rudstrom in Nashville,
Ensuring Clients Are Happy
The process doesn't stop with Primerus
matching clients with great lawyers.
Primerus' client service also includes a
quality assurance component to ensure
every client is satisfied, every time. The
Primerus Quality Assurance Board was
created to ensure high quality service
is provided to all Primerus clients by
reviewing the performance of member
firms, facilitating client matter referrals
and identifying best practice standards.
Primerus also invites clients into the
society, by meeting them face-to-face at
countless client events (webinars as well
as conferences) throughout the year that
include time for education as well as
Primerus has established client
advisory boards for some of its institutes
and practice groups, consisting of
representatives from companies that
regularly hire Primerus law firms.
These boards are a valuable resource
in advising Primerus firms on how to
better serve corporate clients, as well as
advising Primerus about the topics they
would like to learn about at Primerus
client events, such as the Primerus
Defense Institute Convocation.
"We have many clients who have an
affinity for Primerus, so we invite them
to help us be better," Buchanan said.
"We feel that client input is invaluable,
and we welcome it in whatever form we
can get it."
"Primerus has taken client service to
a new level. Not only have we sought out
the best law firms around the world to
meet their needs, but we work one-on-
one with clients to connect them with
the lawyer they need. Hopefully that's
a Primerus attorney, but if we don't
have what they need, we will find it,"
Buchanan said. "Then we welcome their
input and follow up to make sure our law
firms are doing a great job. We truly want
what's best for our clients."