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When Matthew Tegmeyer, casualty
manager for Vericlaim in Naperville,
Illinois, needs a lawyer, his first stop is
the Primerus website.
It's the same story for Rob
Shaughnessy, Vice President of
Claims for Southern Pioneer Property
& Casualty Insurance Company in
Jonesboro, Arkansas.
"When I use a Primerus firm, I know
I am going to get quality legal counsel at
a competitive rate," Shaughnessy said. "I
know what I am getting, and I don't have
to spend a lot of valuable time searching
for law firms."
Tegmeyer and Shaughnessy are part
of a long, and growing, list of clients
who look to Primerus firms first for
their legal needs. Whether it's through
the Primerus website's directory of all
Primerus firms around the world, or by
asking Primerus attorneys they know to
recommend an attorney in a different
area, or by contacting Primerus staff
members directly to ask for help finding
a lawyer, clients around the world rely on
According to Primerus President
and Founder John C. "Jack" Buchanan,
this benefit Primerus offers helping
clients find just the right lawyer for
their needs represents a unique and
innovative client service.
"There is not another company or
organization in the world that offers the
same personalized service of helping
clients find just the right lawyer for
their needs," Buchanan said. "Primerus
has a research department dedicated
to searching out the finest lawyers
around the world, a user-friendly online
directory of all Primerus firms around the
world with various search options, and an
innovative Corporate Client Department
dedicated to personally helping
companies anywhere in the world
Helping Clients Find the Right Lawyer:
Innovation in Client Service