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Risk Assessment in Maritime Activity
and the Law of Bailment
Ronald J. Kitto, page 10
Government Procurement and Tender Laws ­
an Israeli Perspective
Hanan Salinger & Muriel Shachar, page 50
Defending Broker-Liability Claims Based
on a Lack of Communication: An Overview of
a Developing Defense in Louisiana
Sidney W. Degan, III & Micah A. Gautreaux, page 24
The Advantages of Switzerland as an
IP Management Location
Andreas Glarner & Philippe Keller, page 52
Avoiding Potential Pitfalls in
Drafting Force Majeure Provisions
C. Stephen Stack, Jr., page 12
Art and Business Law
Reinier W.L. Russell, page 54
Contractors Beware: The King Can Always Sue You
Timothy D. Boldt, page 14
Buyer Beware:
Recent Developments in Successor Liability
Craig Billings Miller, page 16
Introduction of the Design Patent Amendments
in the New Taiwan Patent Act
Chi-Che Tung, page 62
The New Commercial Agency Contract for
Goods Bill: Complying with the Requirements of the
U.S.-Colombia Trade Promotion Agreement
Juan David Alzate Peña & Guillermo León Ramírez Torres, page 58
Capturing the Fair Market Value of a Family
Business for Estate and Gift Tax Purposes:
What Valuation Discounts are Available?
Jaimee B. Henbest & Bradley S. Cohen, page 18
The Development of Data Protection in China
Caroline Berube, page 64
Estate Plans Should be Reviewed and
Revised as a Result of the Fiscal Cliff
Eliot S. Nahigian, page 20
Proselytizing in the Workplace: A Balancing Act
Robert I. Gosseen, page 22
Supreme Court Limits What Biotechnology
Can be Patented
Matthew R. Osenga, page 26
I Liked It When I Signed It ­ But I Don't Like It Now:
Limitation of Liability Clauses
Joey McCue & Logan Wells, page 32
Insurance Broker Liability for Failure
to Procure Adequate Insurance and the
Duty of the Insured to Read the Policy
Kelly A. Lavelle, page 28
Agricultural Contract Clauses for Supplying
Energy Crops to the Biofuels Industry: Part II
William Mason & Brittany Brent Smith, page 34
Congress Seeks Funds to Address Shortage of
Primary Care Health Workers
Kathleen Hatfield, page 30
Time to Update Your Social Media Policy?
Guidance from the NLRB
Deirdre Fletcher, page 36
F A L L 2 0 1 3
The Primerus Paradigm ­ Fall 2013
North America, pages 10-49
Europe, Middle East & Africa, pages 50-57
Asia Pacific, pages 62-66
Latin America & Caribbean, pages 58-60