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London Corporate Lawyer

Jon  Sweet, Esq.
Jon Sweet, Esq.
+44 20 7209 2000
Simon  Charles, Esq.
Simon Charles, Esq.
+44 20 7209 2000
Bruce  Jones, Esq.
Bruce Jones, Esq.
+44 20 7209 2000
Jonathan  Leigh-Hunt, Esq.
Jonathan Leigh-Hunt, Esq.
+44 20 7209 2000
Gabriela  Olmos, Esq.
Gabriela Olmos, Esq.

Frances  Spooner, Esq.
Frances Spooner, Esq.
+44 20 7209 2000
David  Strong, Esq.
David Strong, Esq.
+44 20 7209 2000
Fiona  Sweet, Esq.
Fiona Sweet, Esq.
+44 20 7209 2000
David  Bettis, Esq.
David Bettis, Esq.
+44 20 7209 2000
Andrew  Williamson, Esq.
Andrew Williamson, Esq.

Daniel  Jacob, Esq.
Daniel Jacob, Esq.

Andrew  Wigfall, Esq.
Andrew Wigfall, Esq.
+44 20 7209 2000
Marina  Ehrlich, Esq.
Marina Ehrlich, Esq.
+44 20 7209 2000
Sive  Ozer, Esq.
Sive Ozer, Esq.

Calum  Robertson, Esq.
Calum Robertson, Esq.

Kerry  Corrigan, Esq.
Kerry Corrigan, Esq.

Kit  Stenning, Esq.
Kit Stenning, Esq.

Olga  Ayers, Esq.
Olga Ayers, Esq.

Deirdre  O’Neill, Esq.
Deirdre O’Neill, Esq.

Nils  Reid, Esq.
Nils Reid, Esq.

Brett  Israel, Esq.
Brett Israel, Esq.

Lindsey  Armstrong, Esq.
Lindsey Armstrong, Esq.

Ben  Devons, Esq.
Ben Devons, Esq.
+44 20 7209 2000
Hugh  Gardner, Esq.
Hugh Gardner, Esq.
+44 20 7209 2000

Marriott Harrison LLP

Staple Court
11 Staple Inn
London, United Kingdom WC1V 7QH

Consult with a Proven London Corporate Lawyer

The proven London corporate lawyers at the Marriott Harrison LLP law firm handle a wide range of corporate transactions for an equally wide range of clients in various market sectors. The London corporate lawyers focus on small to mid-market transactions although the department has the breadth and depth of experience to handle much bigger transactions.

Contact a London Corporate Attorney with
Experience Litigating Many Types of Business Related Incidents:

  • Banking & Finance
  • Capital Markets
  • Corporate Reorganisations
  • Corporate Structuring
  • Joint Ventures
  • M&A
  • Private Equity
  • The Takeover Code
  • Venture Capital

Experienced London Corporate Attorney

The London corporate attorneys of Marriott Harrison LLP law firm are distinguished by a history of successful corporate claim recoveries. If you or your organization is involved in a corporate dispute or disagreement case, please call a London corporate lawyer with the Marriott Harrison LLP law firm in United Kingdom.

Marriott Harrison LLP

Staple Court
11 Staple Inn
London, United Kingdom WC1V 7QH

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Marriott Harrison LLP

Staple Court
11 Staple Inn
London, WC1V 7QH
United Kingdom

Law Firm Contact: Andrew Wigfall

Tel: +44 20 7209 2000

Fax: +44 20 7209 2001



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