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Trucking / Transportation Law in Tulsa, Oklahoma

With the combined experience of over three decades of trucking and transportation law, ranging from truck manufacturing defects to highway accidents resulting in injury or death, the attorneys at Smiling, Miller & Vaughn P.A. have the experience and qualifications to help trucking companies avoid litigation, or succeed in court.

An accident involving a commercial truck is typically much more catastrophic than most car accidents. A fully loaded commercial truck can weigh approximately 30 times more than an ordinary car, and with that weight comes enormous force and a greater likelihood of fatality in the event of a collision. Statistics indicate that truck drivers are generally much more careful on the road than other drivers however there are still numerous cases where a commercial truck is involved in an accident causing injury or death. Additional danger is sometimes present if hazardous or flammable materials are being transported, sometimes causing injuries such as burns and respiratory damage.

Transportation law refers to cases of personal injury, wrongful death, and commercial litigation related to the transportation industry. To avoid lengthy, drawn out trials, the attorneys at Smiling, Miller & Vaughn P.A. conduct meticulous research and preparation such as performing on-site visits to premises and accident scenes, partaking in frequent client communication and providing updates and experienced evaluations for clients. This attention to detail helps decrease the possibility of potential litigation.

In spite of preparations and efforts, it is not entirely uncommon for trucking and transportation related accidents to end in litigation and trial. Through diligent research, meticulous scrutiny of information and an in depth knowledge and understanding of transportation law, our Tulsa attorneys are prepared to successfully represent truck manufacturers and trucking companies throughout trial proceedings.

The attorneys at Smiling, Miller & Vaughn P.A. endeavor to forge long-term client relationships by providing high quality, cost-effective legal assistance to our clients. The firm is dedicated to demonstrating expertise, diligence and credibility during every phase of a client relationship, as well as representing you with skill and integrity in the courtroom.

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