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Dallas ERISA Lawyer

Laura D. Schmidt, Esq.
Laura D. Schmidt, Esq.

Find a Trusted ERISA Defense Lawyer at Downs ♦ Stanford

The trusted ERISA lawyer professionals at Downs ♦ Stanford law firm handles a variety of legal matters involving employment; including the defense of workers compensation claims, ERISA enforcement matters and insurance coverage claims.

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Contact a knowledgeable ERISA attorney at Downs ♦ Stanford, experienced in all aspects of employee benefits related claims, including a specialized focus on the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 or commonly known as ERISA.

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ERISA is a federal law that establishes basic standards for private industry pension plans, and falls under the statutes of Employee Benefits Law. Employee benefits, which are also called fringe benefits, is an umbrella term that encompasses a number of facets related to employment, including insurance programs, fully compensated absences, stock ownership plans, pensions, and employer-provided services provided by an employer to their employees. All “fringes” are by definition offered at the employer’s option and are not required by law.

Certain categories of employee benefits may require that the employee pay a part of the cost of the benefit in order to receive the employer’s contribution. For this reason, employees who have access to benefits outnumber employees who actually participate in the benefits offered. Young employees, for instance, may opt out of retirement programs. An employee may choose not to participate in a medical insurance program because he or she may already be covered by the spouse’s participation in a family program elsewhere.

The Texas ERISA law helps provide and regulate rules on the federal income tax on transactions associated with employee benefit plans. The Department of Labor, Department of Treasury and the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation share the responsibility of interpreting and enforcing the limitations of the ERISA law. Under this law, all private industry pension plans must provide for vesting of benefits after a minimum number of years, and requires that employers who sponsor pension plans satisfy minimum funding inputs. The ERISA law does not require that an employer provide health insurance to employees, but it does regulate the operation of a health benefit plan if established. Many employers promised lifetime health coverage to retirees during the 1990s and 2000s, and have since limited or eliminated those benefits. The ERISA law allows for employees to enforce stated promises by suing for breach of contract in Dallas County TX.

Find a Reputable Dallas ERISA Defense Lawyer at Downs ♦ Stanford

The trusted Dallas ERISA defense attorney professionals at Downs ♦ Stanford law firm are professional and knowledgeable in dealing with employee benefit cases. A Dallas ERISA defense lawyer is experienced in understanding the details, facts, complications, and circumstances that are a result of employer breach of contract. Knowledgeable Dallas ERISA defense lawyer professionals work with clients to ensure that they receive the respect and compassion they deserve during their case.

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Client Committed Dallas ERISA Defense Lawyer Professionals

The client committed Dallas ERISA defense lawyer professionals at Downs ♦ Stanford law firm pride themselves on being attentive counselors and truly listening to the needs of the client. They are dedicated to building long-term client relationships by listening and responding to clients’ needs, as well as keeping them up to date on what is happening with their case. A Dallas ERISA defense attorney will strive to meet each of the clients’ immediate and long-term needs by developing a customized approach and strategy on an individual basis.

Each of the Dallas ERISA defense lawyer professionals at the Downs ♦ Stanford law firm have practiced for a minimum of seven years each, ensuring that the provided counsel is well trained and well informed. Upon choosing a Dallas ERISA defense attorney with Downs ♦ Stanford, it will immediately become clear that each case will be handled in an experienced and professional manner.

Dallas ERISA Defense Lawyer Professionals with Honorable Recognition

The Dallas ERISA defense lawyer professionals at the Downs ♦ Stanford law firm have been recognized statewide and nationally for the success and value brought to clients.

Jay R. Downs is the founder and shareholder of Downs ♦ Stanford, and oversees the firm’s defense of personal injury and wrongful death cases, business litigation, employment law and family law practices. He is Board Certified in Civil Trial Law and Personal Injury Trial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization and a Board Certified Civil Trial Professionals by the National Board of Trial Advocacy. With experience in seven states, he regularly represents businesses and individuals in county, state and federal courts. Mr. Downs is a trained mediator and is also known as an entertaining speaker for clients and bar organizations on various legal topics including ethics. He has been honored with the prestigious A/V rating from the peer-rated Martindale-Hubbell organization, as well as having been named a “Super Lawyer” each year from 2006-2009.

Timothy U. Stanford is the managing partner and shareholder of Downs ♦ Stanford, and as such is frequently sought for his knowledge of Workers’ Compensation law and subrogation, especially cases that have proceeded into district or county court. He is board certified in Workers’ Compensation Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Rounding out his extensive practice, Mr. Stanford handles cases related to insurance defense, including liability, coverage, and general litigation for both first- and third-party cases.

The Dallas ERISA defense lawyer professionals at Downs ♦ Stanford have also been honored with memberships in the most prestigious trial lawyer organizations in the world, including Primerus. These professional associations enable Dallas ERISA defense attorney professionals with the Texas ERISA law firm to remain current with the latest developments in the legal community.

Reliable Dallas ERISA Defense Lawyer Professionals

The reliable Dallas ERISA defense lawyer professionals at Downs ♦ Stanford have found that open communication is essential to successful management of business and employment issues. By working as a team with business and employment clients, the law firm offers a single point of contact for their clients, by handling all aspects of a claim from administrative to court litigation if necessary.

The crisis management team at Downs ♦ Stanford law firm is available around the clock for clients, in order to ensure the protection and preservation of client rights. With a trained eye, a Dallas ERISA defense attorney is able to scrutinize contracts and documents to pinpoint any flaws in an employee benefit statement. This allows for client and counsel to be fully prepared for the case at hand.

The Dallas ERISA Defense Lawyer Professionals at Downs ♦ Stanford are
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  • Dallas Personal Injury Lawyer
  • Dallas Workers Compensation Lawyer
  • Dallas Family Law Lawyer
  • Dallas Business Litigation Lawyer
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  • Dallas Insurance Coverage Lawyer
  • Dallas Estate Planning Lawyer
  • Dallas Labor Lawyer
  • Dallas Employment Lawyer

Downs ♦ Stanford – The Dallas ERISA Defense Lawyer Source

The Dallas ERISA defense lawyer professionals at Downs ♦ Stanford law firm has the experience and resources needed to help clients resolve a wide variety of employee benefit and ERISA related issues. If an employee or retiree has brought an ERISA claim against your business or organization, contact a Dallas defense attorney with Downs ♦ Stanford law firm in Texas.

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