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Winder & Counsel, P.C. Obtains $3,003,213.04 Judgment

Salt Lake City, Utah based law firm Winder & Counsel, P.C. obtains judgment of $3,003,213.04

In March 2012, a Utah jury found Dr. Paul Ray Taylor (“Dr. Taylor”) negligent and grossly negligent in his treatment of Bradford Robinson (“Brad”), awarding a $3,003,213.04 judgment. The case was brought by Harrison Davis Steakley, PC of Waco, Texas, and Winder & Counsel, P.C., of Salt Lake City, Utah. (Davis County – District Court / Case No: 090700394)

According to court documents, beginning in 2002, Dr. Taylor treated Brad for pain management. Brad suffered an on-the-job injury in his work as a landscaper. To manage Brad’s pain, Dr. Taylor prescribed various medication regimens over the years, including the occasional use of Methadone as an alternative to other pain relievers. The doses of Methadone prescribed over the years were generally in line with manufacturer’s guidelines, 10 mg pills three times per day. Manufacturer’s guidelines indicate a maximum initial dose should not exceed 10-40 mg per day, gradually working up to higher doses as necessary.

The court documents also indicated in late May 2006, after Brad had gone many months without using any Methadone, Dr. Taylor issued Brad a prescription for 400 pills of Methadone, with dosages of 70 mg in the morning, and 70 mg at night— a total of 140 mg per day. The prescription was filled, and Brad was found dead approximately two weeks later.

According to court documents, Brad’s autopsy revealed he died of Acute Methadone Toxicity. There was no evidence Mr. Robinson used the Methadone other than as prescribed.

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