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Amsterdam Corporate Lawyer

Guus  van Lieshout, Esq.
Guus van Lieshout, Esq.

Reinier W.L. Russell, Esq.
Reinier W.L. Russell, Esq.
+31 20 301 55 55
Paul W.L. Russell, Esq.
Paul W.L. Russell, Esq.
+31 20 301 55 55
Jan  Dop, Esq.
Jan Dop, Esq.
+31 20 301 55 55
Adje E.A. Smit-Giesen, Esq.
Adje E.A. Smit-Giesen, Esq.
+31 20 301 55 55
Thomas  Schutte, Esq.
Thomas Schutte, Esq.

Hilde  Bruin, Esq.
Hilde Bruin, Esq.

Russell Advocaten B.V.

Reimersbeek 2
1082 AG Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam Corporate Lawyer At Russell Advocaten B.V.

A corporate lawyer at Russell Advocaten B.V. assists clients in all facets of day-to-day business operations. Whether it concerns the corporate structure of your business, disputes with shareholders, or directors’ or supervisory directors’ liability, the Amsterdam corporate lawyers have extensive experience and enjoy an excellent reputation.

Boardroom Counseling
Russell Advocaten is highly experienced in providing boardroom advice. The Amsterdam corporate lawyers advise both management and supervisory bodies (AvA, RvC, RvA, RvT). The Amsterdam corporate attorneys aim to avoid problems by offering ideas to directors and supervisors and to prevent legal proceedings unless there is no other solution.

An Amsterdam corporate lawyer has experience representing clients in corporate law matters, including:

  • Incorporation / corporate structure change of a BV/NV or partnership
  • Structure (in accordance with the articles of association)
  • Restructuring
  • Corporate governance
  • Corporate litigation
  • Right to institute an inquiry, dispute settlement procedure
  • Directors’ and officers’ liability (D&O)
  • Share issue and share transfer
  • Participation
  • Banking law and securities
  • Insolvency/Bankruptcy
  • Demerger
  • Joint venture
  • Merger and takeover, Acquisition, Competition
  • Supervisory board (RvC)
  • Director and major shareholder (dga)
  • Second opinion

Russell Advocaten B.V.

Reimersbeek 2
1082 AG Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Russell Advocaten B.V.

Reimersbeek 2
1082 AG Amsterdam, Netherlands

Law Firm Contact: Reinier W.L. Russell

Tel: +31 20 301 55 55

Fax: +31 20 301 56 78



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