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Quick Tips – Primerus Attorneys Tell Us What Makes Their Office A Better Place to Be

By: Lisa M. Okasinski, Esq.   
Demorest Law Firm, PLLC     
Royal Oak, Michigan

As attorneys, we spend a lot of time in our offices.  It, therefore, is important to make our offices as comfortable as possible so that we want to spend time in them and be productive in them.  One of the ways we can make our offices better places to spend 8 hours a day (or likely more) is to keep items in them that help to keep us motivated, reduce stress, and make us more productive.  These items can be anything from a comfortable chair, to a picture of our family, to a card from a client.  For me, it is having a photograph from the amazing city in which I live (Detroit) and a drawer full of Keurig pods.

In order to give you a better idea on what items other attorneys have found helpful in their office, I asked a couple Primerus attorneys for some insightful (and playful) advice based on items they keep in their office.

James Nevin from Brayton Purcell, LLP in Novato, CA provided the following quick and to-the-point list of items (most of which speak for themselves):

  1. Massage chair
  2. At-A-Glance hard copy spiral bound weekly calendar.
  3. Bamboo Pen and Touch to electronically sign and mark up pdfs
  4. Desktop scanner
  5. Mini refrigerator with caffeine and alcohol

Justin Galletti from Brody Wilkinson, PC in Southport, CT provided a fun take on items in his office:

  1. Saved in a personal email folder are several “good work” emails from clients, which serve as reminders that, while the paycheck is important, a job well done is the best compensation.
  2. (Healthy) snacks.  All that thinking acts like aerobics.
  3. A plant.  Because your building’s air quality could use some assistance and because sometimes you need to talk to some(thing) that won’t give you work to do.
  4. A map of the world to help you keep all of “it” in perspective.
  5. Hanging on the back of your office door should be a spare set of work clothes.  In my case you will find a spare suit jacket, tie, belt and dress shirt.  The first three are for when I arrive at the office without them (I can’t be the only one who has left the house without a tie or a belt…).  The shirt in the (likely) event I spill my lunch (which I often eat at my desk) on the shirt I am wearing.

Whether you incorporate the items mentioned by James or Justin, or incorporate your own ideas, taking a little bit of time to make your office a place that keeps you motivated, relaxed and productive is definitely worth the effort.

The general information contained herein is intended for informational purposes only. It is not intended to be, and should not be construed as, legal advice or legal opinion on any specific facts or circumstances.

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