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Murray Noel Thornhill

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Blair Campbell

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HHG Legal Group

Level 8, Cloisters Building
863 Hay Street
Perth, Australia 06000

Perth Construction Lawyer At HHG Legal Group

A construction lawyer at HHG Legal Group provides professional legal counsel and extensive experience in many aspects of construction law. Whether you’re the principal in a large mining, civil or infrastructure project or a domestic subcontractor, your business is guaranteed to be at risk in matters involving payment, timing, quality, and scope. The Perth construction lawyers help clients identify, manage, and minimise risks from tender to contract negotiation to final payment, whatever the size of the project or place in the contractual chain.

Experienced Perth Construction Attorney

At HHG Legal Group, not only do the Perth construction lawyers understand the law that applies to your business, they understand your business. This allows the firm to offer tailored solutions that are creative, cost effective and commercial. If your business is involved in a dispute, the Perth construction lawyers have the experience to help you achieve a quick and commercial outcome across all forms of dispute resolution, including trial advocacy and representation in all State and Commonwealth Courts and Tribunals.

The Perth construction lawyers offer advice and representation across the full range of issues facing the construction industry, including:

  • Advice and representation in arbitrations and mediations
  • Tenderers’ rights and obligations
  • Contract negotiation and risk allocation
  • Procurement
  • Securing payment for material supplies under the Personal Property Securities Act
  • Protecting contractors’ plant and equipment from seizure by liquidators of insolvent principals under the Personal Property Securities Act
  • Bank guarantees and performance bonds
  • Adjudication of pay disputes
  • Labour relations
  • Advice on contractors’ rights and obligations under the Construction Contracts Act
  • Extra-contractual claims by contractors for “fair value” payment
  • Termination, suspension and demobilisation
  • Variation of contractors’ scope
  • Extension of time claims
  • Defect liability
  • Delay analysis methodologies
  • Liquidated damages claims
  • Statutory and contractual warranties
  • Competition and Consumer Act claims
  • Compliance with Home Building Contracts Act
  • Home building disputes (including advice and representation in State Administrative Tribunal proceedings)
  • Compliance with Building Act and related regulations
  • Obtaining statutory permits and certificates
  • Expert determination
  • Briefing expert witnesses
  • Liability of building professionals
  • Claims for negligent infliction of property damage/financial harm (excluding personal injuries)
  • “Failure to warn” claims
  • Advice and representation in all courts and tribunals (including trial advocacy)

Trustworthy Perth Construction Lawyers

An experienced Perth construction lawyer from HHG Legal Group can help navigate the details of Western Australia construction law. HHG Legal Group’s team of reputable Perth construction lawyers carefully analyze each construction case and form sound strategies to efficiently manage the client’s case. For dedicated Perth construction attorneys, trust HHG Legal Group to deliver quality representation in the field of construction law.

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HHG Legal Group

Level 8, Cloisters Building
863 Hay Street
Perth, Australia 06000

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HHG Legal Group

Level 8, Cloisters Building
863 Hay Street
Perth, Western Australia, 06000

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