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Tulsa Trucking Lawyer

A. Mark Smiling
A. Mark Smiling

Smiling, Smiling & Burgess

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Tulsa Trucking Lawyer

The proven Tulsa trucking lawyer professionals at Smiling, Smiling & Burgess have been able to assist clients in the resolution of numerous cases involving Oklahoma trucking law. The firm’s trucking litigation team is dynamic in their defense of various transportation related trucking companies that are involved in major catastrophic trials. The firm’s thorough groundwork and attention to detail positions the firm for the best anticipated outcome. The Tulsa Oklahoma trucking attorney team has experience litigating many types of trucking related incidents:

  • Bus Accident
  • Car Accident
  • Cargo Claim
  • Common Carrier
  • Highway Construction
  • Logistics
  • Public Transportation
  • Transportation Safety
  • Trucking Liability

The experienced Tulsa trucking lawyer professionals with Smiling, Smiling & Burgess provide legal representation for:

  • Freightliners
  • Local Motor Carriers
  • Logistics Providers
  • National Motor Carriers
  • Product Distributors
  • Regional Motor Carriers
  • Trucking Manufacturers

Knowledgeable Tulsa Trucking Lawyer

The knowledgeable Tulsa Oklahoma commercial carrier litigation professionals also provide legal representation in litigation of:

  • Bills of Lading
  • Broker-Carrier Contract Negotiation
  • Broker-Carrier Contract Preparation
  • Broker-Carrier Contract Review
  • Broker-Carrier Dispute
  • Business Interruption
  • Campaigns to Maintain Non-Union Status
  • Cargo Claim
  • Catastrophic Claim
  • Commercial Dispute
  • Commercial Transportation Insurance
  • Document Preparation
  • Emergency Accident Response
  • Employment Issue
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Equipment Acquisition
  • Equipment Lease
  • Fatality Claim
  • Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Notices of Claim
  • Federal Regulatory Compliance
  • Fourth-Party Logistics Provider (4PL)
  • Freight Claim
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Industry Involvement
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Insurance Coverage Matter
  • Labor Issue
  • Load confirmation
  • Misclassification of Contractor
  • Misclassification of Employee
  • Owner-Operator Contract Negotiation
  • Owner-Operator Contract Preparation
  • Owner-Operator Contract Review
  • Owner-Operator Dispute
  • Personal Injury Claim
  • Products Liability
  • Property Damage
  • Rate Confirmation
  • Risk Management
  • Shipper Dispute
  • Shipper-Carrier Contract Negotiation
  • Shipper-Carrier Contract Preparation
  • Shipper-Carrier Contract Review
  • Shipper-Carrier Dispute
  • State Regulatory Compliance
  • Surface Transportation Assistance Act (STAA) Claim
  • Tariffs
  • Third-Party Logistics Provider (3PL)
  • Transportation Broker
  • Trucking Accident
  • U.S. Department of Transportation Safety Audit
  • Warehouse Receipts
  • Wrongful Death

Qualified Tulsa Trucking Lawyer

The Tulsa trucking lawyer professionals try cases to verdict and achieve favorable and quantifiable results for their clients on a consistent basis. Even when challenged with the most demanding situations and constraints, the trucking attorney team can provide expertise and representation to each client. Smiling, Smiling & Burgess’s lawyer professionals are available to provide legal counsel on issues that are unique in the trucking industry. If your company or one of your drivers was involved in an accident and is being confronted with litigation, the lawyer professionals with Smiling, Smiling & Burgess have the legal experience you need on your side. In the firm’s pursuit of novel, well-organized and resourceful approaches toward a resolution of the claims against their clients, the attorney litigators are adept in their representation and with their relationships with accident investigators and experts.

The Tulsa trucking attorney professionals of Smiling, Smiling & Burgess law firm are distinguished by a history of successful trucking accident claim recoveries. If you or your organization is involved in a trucking accident or disagreement case, please call a Tulsa trucking lawyer with the full service trucking practice at Smiling, Smiling & Burgess in Oklahoma. The Tulsa commercial carrier attorney team handle trucking litigation and trucking accidents in Tulsa, Tulsa County, Osage County, Rogers County, Wagoner County, and throughout the state of Oklahoma.

Common Causes of a Truck Accident:

  • Alcohol
  • Brake Failure
  • Defective Steering
  • Defective Tire
  • Design Error
  • Distraction
  • Driver Error
  • Driver Qualification
  • Driver Training
  • Drugs
  • Equipment Problem
  • Failure to Maintain Equipment
  • Fatigue
  • Hiring Standards
  • Improper Trailer Attachment
  • Inattention
  • Lighting
  • Road Condition
  • Sleep Deprivation
  • Speeding
  • Tire Blowout
  • Transmission Failure
  • Unfamiliarity With the Road
  • Vehicle Performance
  • Weight Restriction
  • Work Environment

Knowledgeable Tulsa Trucking Lawyer

While involved in a trucking dispute, it is important to seek a highly experienced Tulsa trucking lawyer with a trustworthy background. The trucking accident defense lawyers present their capability to meticulously asses the scope and magnitude of the trucking claim and the significance of the trucking case. The trucking defense team at Smiling, Smiling & Burgess defend clients involved in trucking accidents that have resulted in a catastrophic injury, a personal injury, punitive damages or wrongful death. The Tulsa trucking attorney professionals at the law offices of Smiling, Smiling & Burgess are committed to protecting their client’s best interests. The Tulsa Oklahoma law offices of Smiling, Smiling & Burgess is an established trucking law firm that provides experienced and passionate trucking legal representation across a scope of trucking litigation issues. Smiling, Smiling & Burgess’s team of respectable Tulsa trucking lawyer advocates carefully analyzes trucking challenges in order to form sound case strategies towards a positive resolution for their client’s trucking legal matter. They are passionate in counseling and advocacy for the causes of trucking companies seeking justice, insight or solutions, giving them hope, guidance, a voice and the tools to meet their challenges.

Client Committed Tulsa Trucking Lawyer

The Tulsa Oklahoma trucking attorney advocates at the law offices of Smiling, Smiling & Burgess provide legal advice for virtually any commercial carrier legal matter. Tulsa trucking attorney professionals are focused and committed and pride themselves on being results oriented. The Tulsa trucking lawyer professionals with Smiling, Smiling & Burgess are proud of their professional service to their clients. The firm invites you to examine them closely and to share in their commitment to excellence in legal representation by completing the contact form on the right-hand side of this page.

Results Driven Tulsa Trucking Lawyer

A highly skilled Tulsa trucking lawyer with Smiling, Smiling & Burgess will provide more than just legal advice for a trucking case. The Tulsa trucking lawyer professionals fully embrace each case with the clients’ best interests in mind. Analyzing each case, the firm’s Tulsa trucking attorney professionals determine the most effective course of action to achieve a favorable resolution. For a dedicated Tulsa trucking defense attorney, trust Smiling, Smiling & Burgess to deliver quality representation in the field of trucking law.

Proven Tulsa Trucking Lawyer

For over three decades, the Tulsa trucking lawyer professionals have managed an abundance of trucking litigations. A bigger legal matter than most clients want to admit, Tulsa trucking cases need a lot of dedication, attention, compassion, support, consideration and time.

In a trucking case, the client is at an advantage when they hire a Tulsa trucking attorney as quickly as they can. Contact a trucking lawyer in the Tulsa trucking law firm of Smiling, Smiling & Burgess for professional legal representation, counsel and vast trucking litigation experience. As a trusted Tulsa Oklahoma trucking lawyer professional, Smiling, Smiling & Burgess’s knowledgeable and experienced Tulsa trucking attorney litigators have provided representation in extensive varieties of Tulsa Oklahoma trucking claims.

Highly Respected Tulsa Trucking Lawyer

If you have a trucking claim in Tulsa, Tulsa County, Osage County, Rogers County, Wagoner County, or throughout the state of Oklahoma, the Tulsa trucking legal team with Smiling, Smiling & Burgess are there to help you. With their trucking experience gained in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the trucking and commercial carrier lawyer professionals draw upon their skills in their representation of each of their clients. With over 30 years’ experience as a trucking attorney in Tulsa, appearing in all trial courts in Oklahoma, Smiling, Smiling & Burgess’s attorney advocates are committed to bringing together high-quality trucking legal services with personal representation and affordable fees. The Oklahoma trucking lawyer professionals with Tulsa’s Smiling, Smiling & Burgess have years of experience supporting them in their representation of helping individuals engaged in trucking cases.

Understanding Tulsa Trucking Lawyer

The Tulsa Oklahoma trucking attorney professionals of Smiling, Smiling & Burgess deliver legal solutions that are cost effective. This Tulsa trucking litigation team of professional’s encompasses thorough trucking legal representation for trucking companies. The Tulsa trucking lawyer professionals with the firm make a commitment to get the job done fairly, honestly, and credibly. For professional advice and to speak with a Tulsa trucking attorney professional at Smiling, Smiling & Burgess, complete the contact form on the right-hand side of this page today.

This Tulsa law firm’s objectives are to provide cost-effective, reasonable, genuine and experienced advice to their clients in order to ensure the costs of the trucking litigation will not outweigh its benefits, managing the trucking legal disputes in Oklahoma with minimal disruption to clients’ operations and their relationships. Smiling, Smiling & Burgess draws upon the legal skills of their trucking attorney advocates with experience earned in the Tulsa metropolitan area. Contact Smiling, Smiling & Burgess by completing the contact form on the right-hand side of this page.

The trucking legal advice Smiling, Smiling & Burgess imparts is uniquely based on each client’s legal needs. The Tulsa trucking lawyer professionals know that every trucking case presents different needs and the trucking lawyer advocates are dedicated to providing individually personalized legal solutions along with exceptional quality representation.

The Tulsa Oklahoma trucking attorney professionals with Smiling, Smiling & Burgess are available to deliver legal guidance for trucking victims. No matter the issue, the trucking attorney advocates of the firm are dedicated to the success of each of their clients.

The Tulsa Oklahoma trucking attorney professionals with Smiling, Smiling & Burgess assist in the design of an effective and efficient path for success in any trucking situation.

Recognized Tulsa Trucking Lawyer

Over the years, this recognized firm has developed a successful reputation. The Tulsa trucking attorney team is centered on the successful engagement of their client’s needs, as well as large and small businesses in any trucking case, including those related to trucking litigation. At the law offices of Smiling, Smiling & Burgess, the Tulsa trucking attorney team offers a wide range of knowledge and experience encompassing almost every area of trucking law in Oklahoma.

Contact a Tulsa trucking lawyer with Smiling, Smiling & Burgess today, as they are dedicated to this practice area and focus on achieving a successful outcome for their clients.

Smiling, Smiling & Burgess’s trucking lawyer professionals deliver demonstrated approaches that are grounded in their trucking litigation experience.

In their delivery of trusted advice and guidance, the firm’s trucking clients focus on acquiring the anticipated settlement. Contact the Tulsa trucking attorney professionals with Smiling, Smiling & Burgess for representation in your Tulsa trucking claim.

Over three decades of combined experience and continuous presence confirms Smiling, Smiling & Burgess’s dedication to establishing long-term client relationships and delivering only the highest quality legal representation. The firm strives to represent the interests of its trucking accident clients with integrity while collaborating with them to deliver cost-effective legal assistance. Smiling, Smiling & Burgess is AV rated by Martindale-Hubble Law Directory and listed in Best’s Directory of Recommended Insurance Attorneys and Insurance Adjusters in Oklahoma.

Smiling, Smiling & Burgess serves the greater Tulsa metro area and the entire state of Oklahoma in trucking matters. This Oklahoma trucking litigation firm handles a full range of civil claims from the preliminary stages through trial and appeal in multiple practice areas.

The Oklahoma trucking lawyer professionals frequently contribute to the publication of materials relevant to the interests of the industries within the law firm’s trucking practice.

Smiling, Smiling & Burgess

Bradford Place, Suite 300
9175 South Yale Avenue
Tulsa, OK 74137
United States

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Smiling, Smiling & Burgess

Bradford Place, Suite 300
9175 South Yale Avenue
Tulsa, OK 74137
United States

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