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Local Councel Lawyers

Primerus is one of the leading resources for local counsel. Primerus attorneys often serve as local counsel for clients, out of state attorneys or attorneys that are based outside the country or jurisdiction. Primerus attorneys are experienced local counsel who offer a deep knowledge of local customs, procedures, and maintain positive relationships with other local attorneys and judges. Many Primerus lawyers are experienced trial lawyers that are knowledgeable about local court rules and customs in state and federal courts throughout the United States and internationally throughout the world.

Often times out-of-state attorneys are seeking local counsel for civil litigation, including: commercial real estate, finance and securities matters, commercial debt collection, contract cases and shareholder disputes. Primerus lawyers are well versed in these areas and also have experience in regulatory proceedings involving telecommunications, energy resources, agricultural and litigation matters involving municipalities by city, county, state, territory or country worldwide.

Local Counsel attorneys should be familiar with the unique legal issues that arise when a company or individual is sued in another state, country, or territory. Primerus attorneys are dependable, skilled, and committed to client service. When serving as local counsel, Primerus attorneys are capable of taking on any role requested by the out-of-state attorneys they support and are always careful to maintain the integrity of the lead attorney-client relationship. Primerus attorneys can handle all aspects of local counsel services including: local court appearances, status calls, routine filing matters, or if called upon professionally represent and manage litigation.

Primerus local counselors provide numerous advantages in terms of connections and relationships helping local counsel clients. They typically know the opposing counsel, prosecutor, and/or judges, and can use this in resolving the client’s matter.