International Society of Primerus Law Firms

“After so many months glued to screens, meeting in person at the Global Conference was a real joy. The collegial tone was set from start when we shared hugs with old friends, warm introductions with new faces and enjoyed some ice breaking games. That convivial spirit carried all the way through the closing dinner and beyond. I believe a strong referral network depends on friendships, and the 2021 conference was well designed to help Primerus members forge them. It offered good balance between relaxed events and formal time with quality speakers. I came away with practical tips on law firm management, but the real magic was in the relationships being built. This conference is definitely on my calendar for 2022.”
- Juli Fournier – Stephenson Fournier
(Houston, Texas)
“Great conference. One of our members does improv comedy and she took us through a number of exercises that were not only fun and challenging, but really helped break the ice after being away from each other for so long. Primerus people are great, always warm and welcoming. Not only was the content interesting and thought provoking, but right out of the gate Primerus presented its membership with its Covid/Post-Covid vision for the future, and it was very encouraging.”
- Robert Charbonneau – Agentis Legal Advocates & Advisors
(Coral Gables, Florida)
“The Primerus Global Conference was much more than a typical lawyer meeting. It was an opportunity to have meaningful conversations and really get to know lawyers within Primerus.

As a new member of Primerus, attending the Global Conference confirmed that Primerus really is a group of good people who happen to be good lawyers. I was impressed with how warm and welcoming the existing members and the Primerus Staff were. I look forward to getting to know my Primerus colleagues better.”

- Steve Hastings – Hendrickson & Long PLLC
(Charleston, West Virginia)
“What has stood out to me about every Global Conference including this one is that Primerus continues to be an association of good people who happen to be good lawyers. No matter who I meet, I find them approachable, accomplished, interesting and engaged.

As one of my fellow attendees commented, the magic here is what happens between the sessions. It is the synergy from being together and having the chance to mingle that provides the real value. And what I have always loved most about Primerus is that there are no egos. We have some of the most accomplished attorneys in our profession but no one needs to brag or compete for attention.”

- Peter Bennett – The Bennett Law Firm, P.A.
(Portland, Maine)
“The 2021 Global Conference in Leesburg, Virginia was an excellent opportunity to visit with long-time Primerus members and friends and to make new acquaintances with new members. It was the perfect mix of socializing with those I’ve come to know well, to have thoughtful discussions about what has gone right and wrong with our businesses during the pandemic and to discover ways to improve how our firm has been conducting business during this unusual time. It was my first substantial opportunity since the shutdown to begin to get back to feeling a sense of normalcy around networking with colleagues from around the country. I am very much looking forward to the next event and continuing to build on the relationships I have been able to foster in Primerus.”
- H. Kevin Eddins – Eddins Domine Law Group, PLLC
(Louisville, Kentucky)
“The Primerus Global Conference provided a much-needed opportunity to connect and reconnect with fellow Primerus members. It was a joy to see everyone after far too long. The presentation by Zero on it’s A.I. platform to automate cumbersome tasks like recording time was intriguing, and I look to Primerus to help us stay abreast of cutting-edge practices and (out)compete with Big-Law. Although we missed our international friends and U.S. colleagues who couldn’t make the trip, the smaller size of the event created opportunities to connect in ways that aren’t possible with a larger crowd. I can honestly say I had meaningful conversations with everyone who attended. The most important part of Primerus is the people, and the Global Conference is a must-do for anyone who wants to harness the full power of Primerus and form life-long relationships with its top-notch members. I can’t wait for next year.”
- Ryan Billings – Kohner, Mann & Kailas, S.C.
(Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
“As both a new lawyer and first-time attendee at the Primerus Global Conference, I was surprised by how easy it was for me to connect with other attendees and meld with the group. I left the conference excited for the opportunity to refer cases to the people I met. I look forward to attending the Global Conference again to continue developing my new global network of attorneys.”
- Kylie Schmidt – Ogborn Mihm, LLP
(Denver, Colorado)
“I don’t think I fully understood the big picture idea or concept behind Primerus until I attended the Global Conference this year. I previously attended various Primerus Zoom events and heard a lot about the organization from others at my firm, but it wasn’t until I attended the Global Conference that I felt I really understood what Primerus is and how valuable it is. The event was such an amazing opportunity to meet and bond with talented lawyers from all over the world, and meeting so many members in person helped me feel more comfortable reaching out and putting my Primerus network to use once I was back home. This was such a great experience and I am very much looking forward to attending again next year!”
- Alejandra Barcenas – Lipe Lyons Murphy Nahrstadt & Pontikis, Ltd.
(Chicago, Illinois)
“I am glad that I chose to attend the Primerus Global Conference as the first in person legal networking event after 18 months of lockdown. It was refreshing to connect with like minded attorneys who want nothing more than to provide quality legal representation while constantly looking for ways to improve their organizations for their staff. As a newcomer to Primerus, it was immediately clear to me that this organization attracts attorneys who are not only the most capable in their respective practice areas but are also decent human beings. I am looking forward to staying in touch and collaborating with many of the attorneys who I connected with during the conference.”
- Carrie A Ward – Earp Cohn P.C.
(Cherry Hill, New Jersey)
“Attending the Primerus Global Conference and getting to meet and mingle with other members was a great way to establish organic relationships. In the weeks following the Conference, I sent multiple referrals to members I had a chance to get to know. Although navigating the Primerus website is intuitive, it was much easier to identify a member firm and contact having met them at the Conference.”
- Melody Lins – Mandelbaum Salsburg
(Roseland, New Jersey