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Evans & Co. Nassau Bahamas
Firm NameCityCountry
Pamir Law Group Shanghai China
Firm NameCityCountry
Brödermann Jahn Hamburg Germany
Firm NameCityCountry
Bahas, Gramatidis & Partners Athens Greece
Firm NameCityCountry
Pamir Law Group Taipei Taiwan

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Private International Law

Private International Law also known as Conflicts of Law – is the set of rules which determines the applicable law in private matters. This includes all business law issues other than administrative or criminal law issues. Private International Law is therefore the key to the selection of the right legal frame for any international business or other relationship (choice of law). A mistake on that fundamental level of law can ruin an entire deal, while professionalism and fluency in Private International Law helps to achieve goals and to reduce risks.
Private International Law is partly contained in international treaties, partly in special law of regions of the world (such as European law) and, to a large part, it is part of national or state rules or the product of court decisions. Often, it is necessary to apply a combination of these different sources of law. The global network of Primerus lawyers provides a sound basis for a professional scouting through legal hurdles which may emerge as a result of the interaction or conflict between the different applicable laws.
The rules of Private International Law differ depending on the court or arbitration tribunal which has jurisdiction. Through its international network, Primerus lawyers can also assist in finding the balance between the applicable law and the competent forum.