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International Trade Law

The laws surrounding international trade seek to regulate the international economy and commercial transactions. This encompasses legal matters involving the sale of products or services abroad, including issues of import and export controls, quotas and tariffs, trade barriers, dumping, foreign investment, and manufacturing abroad.

The United States Court of International Trade is a court with jurisdiction over any civil action against the United States arising from federal laws governing import transactions or the eligibility of workers, firms, and communities for adjustment assistance under the Trade Act of 1974. The role of the United States Court of International Trade, as a constituent and significant part of the federal judicial system, is the culmination of a continuous process of empiric legislation enacted over the past 200 years. Its exclusive jurisdiction includes actions to recover customs duties, to recover on a customs bond, and to impose certain civil penalties for fraud or negligence. The United States Court of International Trade is also termed International Trade Court and was formerly known as U.S. Customs Court.