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Animal Law

Animal law revolves around a broad range of legal topics, including animal cruelty issues, pet owner responsibilities, veterinary negligence, animal gaming and fighting, and importation or capture of wild animals. Animal law also involves matters of contractual relationships, such as agistment contracts, which encompass the sale, raising, and breeding of animals.

The exhibitor may be required to present a certificate of veterinary inspection with each animal presented for exhibition. This certificate helps to assure that the animals being exhibited are free from symptoms of infectious or communicable diseases. The permitee often must comply with specific care, treatment, housing, and cage regulations.

Animal laws vary from state to state and country to country. For example, one state requires permits for temporary commercial use of live game animals. Commercial use means use of imported game for a circus, for a traveling show, or for film production; this does not include the display or exhibition of game for the primary purpose of drawing the public to a commercial business.

Under another state’s statute, “commercial use” means any activity through which a person in possession of a zoological animal expects to recover all or any part of the cost of keeping the zoological animal through selling, bartering, trading, exchanging, breeding, or other use, including displaying the zoological animal for entertainment, advertisement, or business promotion.