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Paris Business Lawyer

Frederic  Gourdon
Frederic Gourdon

Jasper Avocats

41 avenue de Friedland
Paris, France 75008

A Paris Business Lawyer

A Paris France international business attorney can provide expert legal assistance to French and international businesses, property companies, institutions, managers and the self-employed with French business law and legal concerns in Paris. Contact an international business lawyer in Paris France regarding international trade and customs issues in France, international investment, and international relations in Paris France.

Jasper Avocats International Business Law Firm in Paris France focuses on international business best practices relating to international investments and international relations in France. Whether a French corporation is seeking assistance in foreign investment opportunities in France, French trade relations, French investment abroad, French relations with the administration, Paris international treaties or transfer pricing, a Paris international business lawyer can provide guidance for the legal proceedings with the European Commission and other institutions.

French Business Attorney for International Investments & Trade

With a rich history of international work, an investment and trade lawyer at Jasper Avocats in Paris will help with a corporation’s anti-dumping and countervailing duty proceedings, customs classification, duty remission and rules of origin cases, as well as in matters relating to quotas, import/export restrictions, and export licensing.

If the case arises, a Paris international business lawyer will litigate foreign trade and investment issues before the European Court of Justice and the European Court of First Instance. The extensive work force behind a Jasper Avocats international business lawyer in France also handles the interpretation and application of preferential trade agreements between the EU and its major trading partners, as well as the interpretation and compliance with EU, U.S. and UN trade sanctions.

Experienced Corporate Business Lawyer in Paris France

For any French corporation or global corporation seeking to invest in the local, European or global market, an international investment and trade lawyer can assist with the steps to professional legal negotiations. A Paris lawyer advocate assists with proper trade agreements, foreign investment opportunities in France and abroad, joint ventures in Paris and globally, and all other aspects in international relations in France, Europe, the UK, United States and worldwide.

Jasper Avocats: A Premier International Law Firm in France

The international business lawyers at Jasper Avocats in Paris offer a broad range of legal services to French and international businesses, property companies, institutions, managers, and the self-employed as well as private clients. Jasper Avocats also has an office in Brussels Belgium, in order to be on top of European issues. These Paris international investment lawyers maintain an extensive global network of correspondents, which makes it possible for a high-level transnational team to respond to French and European international law needs.

Jasper Avocats

41 avenue de Friedland
Paris, France 75008

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Jasper Avocats

41 avenue de Friedland
Paris, France, 75008

Law Firm Contact: Pascal Le Dai / Olivier Saumon / Marina Blum

Tel: +33 1 53 43 15 55

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