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Glatzová & Co., Prague, Czech Republic

We are a leading independent law firm operating in the Czech and  Slovak RepublicsWe have 26 years of good work, stability and organic growth behind us. We are one of the oldest Czech offices, a reliable stable on the legal services market, the best guarantee of high quality.

We regularly receive significant awards from prestigious international and domestic rating agencies. We have repeatedly won the title of the best Czech law firm.

We are not about volume, we are about quality. We are not a factory for the right, we do not spew documents copied from standard designs, we are looking for sophisticated solutions tailored to specific clients and situations.

We do not measure our success by numbers, but by client satisfaction. Our clients choose us to solve the most complex situations, the most demanding transactions and the most serious disputes.

We have a deep knowledge of law, a sensitive approach to clients’ business issues and a positive attitude to solving their legal problems. Our clients can always count on getting what they need and when they need it.

We have a strong corporate culture and a responsible style of work, based on helpfulness, willingness and respect, both towards clients and within our team. We are consistently looking for talented lawyers who are passionate about their work and want to continue to grow professionally with us. We then provide them with continuous education in the form of our internal trainings and internships abroad. With our ethical approach and sincere commitment to quality, we create an exceptional work environment where people like to work.

Thanks to these values ​​and approach, we have a number of satisfied clients who have been working with us for ten or twenty years.

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Glatzová & Co.

Betlemsky palac
Husova 5
Prague, Czech Republic, 110 00
Czech Republic

Law Firm Contact: Vladimira Glatzova

Tel: 420 224 401 440



Member Since: 2021

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