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Füsthy & Mányai Law Office, Budapest, Hungary

Fusthy & Manyai Law Office was established in 1999, as de-merger of several law offices. The firm offers a full range of quality legal services, dedicated to clients with the utmost possible rapidity and efficiency. The firm has corresponding contacts with leading law offices worldwide.

They are dealing with business law in broad terms, covering all practice areas of the law system that a company may face in the course of its day-to-day operations. Therefore their lawyers are engaged in corporate law, commercial law, antitrust and competition law, contract law, labor law, intellectual property law, environmental law, banking law and securities matters. They offer assistance in mergers and acquisitions, real property and foreign investment transactions. They also do civil law, business law and administrative law litigation, as well as arbitration, and they represent their clients in debt collection cases and in the course of bankruptcy and liquidation proceedings.

Since taxation law often requires special expertise which goes far beyond the skills of a law firm, in these sorts of cases they render some initial advice but strongly cooperate with the in-house and/or book-keeper of the client or involve a tax adviser.

Special emphasis is put on EU regulations. Hungary became a member of EU from May 1, 2004, therefore EU regulations, the Acquis communautaire, takes integral part of the Hungarian legal system. Naturally, their lawyers are capable of adhering to these requirements, too.

Some of the firm’s lawyers used to work for the state administration (e.g. Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Transport) therefore they dare say that they nurse their good relationships with the officers of governmental agencies and not only with those mentioned before. In the course of their activities they frequently get in touch with authorities and try to establish and maintain fruitful connections.

The firm usually charges fees on an hourly basis but sometimes it makes different types of arrangements, as well, particularly if a given project is outlined. In all cases the firm intends to shape its fee policy in accordance with the interests and possibilities of the client. Court cases are subject to special arrangement, depending on the nature and value of the given matter.

They have been assigned by various major companies in the field of trade, industry and services from almost all of the EC countries and also overseas countries, including the territory of Asia, North and South America.

The firm’s staff consists of more than 10 (ten) colleagues and it can involve auditors, tax specialists, book-keepers or other experts, if the case so requires.

They are capable of acting on behalf of clients in the course of electronic registration proceedings.

They offer services mainly in Hungarian, English and German languages but some of our lawyers speak French, Italian and Russian languages, too.

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Füsthy & Mányai Law Office

Lajos u. 74-76
Budapest, H-1036

Law Firm Contact: Dr. Zsolt Füsthy

Tel: +36 1 454 1766

Fax: +36 1 454 1777



Member Since: 2010

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