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Ferris & Britton, A Professional Corporation, San Diego, California

Business & Corporate Law in San Diego, California

San Diego business attorneys of Ferris & Britton law firm

The San Diego business attorneys at Ferris & Britton have been expanding their knowledge in California corporate law and business law since 1968. As a general business law practice, they have represented clients and companies of all types and sizes. In particular, the San Diego lawyers at Ferris & Britton have specialized in cases involving high technology issues. With the development of technology and its evolution to an essential component of any business, the legal regulations involving high tech matters frequently cause confusion and disruption to companies at any stage. As technology experts, Ferris & Britton have developed expertise in the areas of computer technology, biotechnology and wireless matters.

Practicing business and corporate law typically involves any issues related to the start, operation and termination of a business entity. This can include clarification and representation in disputes regarding topics such as

• Tax and Accounting
• Human Resources and Employee Relations
• Property Law
• Finance, including IPOs
• Government Regulations
• Mergers & Acquisitions
• Technology
• Licensing

These areas can be the cause of disputes between the company and business partners, the government, employees or suppliers. It is critical that clients of Ferris & Britton receive the most knowledgeable advice to ensure smooth, legal and profitable operations of their business. When businesses are dealing with disputes, for example employee contract disagreements, union issues or legal requirements for mergers, they are often looking for business attorneys that listen, work quickly and efficiently, and actively pursue their clients’ objectives. The San Diego lawyers at Ferris & Britton focus on the best interest of their clients and work hard to ensure the best outcome of any litigation.

With all matters relating to California corporate law, our San Diego business attorneys at Ferris & Britton will represent and defend their clients with all their knowledge, integrity and enthusiasm. After all, it is the exceptional academic and professional background as well as demonstrated experience of our lawyers that make this team invaluable and successful.

Ferris & Britton
401 West A Street, Suite 2550
San Diego, California 92101
Phone: (619) 233-3131
Fax: (619) 232-9316

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Ferris & Britton, A Professional Corporation

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Tel: 619.233.3131

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