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1961 Abogados y Economistas, Barcelona, Spain

Nothing great is ever achieved without empathy. It is interesting to note that the word empathy comes from a Greek origin meaning, “The ability to understand and share the feelings of another”.

At 1961 they trust in this word because they believe that a law firm is only as good as its people. They want their message to be: “We are a people law firm”. The word empathy teaches one to listen, the most undervalued of all the communication skills, to the clients, understand them and share their feelings during the firm’s contractual relationship and beyond. Solving legal problems by applying the simple rule, “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you”, means treating people fairly and not merely using them for self-serving purposes (“business is business”). The 1961 team imagines themselves in the position of their clients. It is vital for 1961 to empathize with their clients’ problems and show them that they are acting upon their concerns. This means that they will put themselves in their client’s position – the best way to have a clear understanding. This ability helps to create a connection and the foundation of trust. This double vision helps the 1961 team to work as lawyers far more successfully with their client’s problems. When they are presented with a problem of any kind from a client, they follow a set procedure:

1st – Listen very carefully to what they have to say.

2nd – Work together to help formulate a solution.

3rd – Follow through.

Every person is special and clients generally expect their lawyer to perform well for them!

At 1961, they operate not on theory, but on experience. The most important justification for being in business is service to others. This premise fulfills both their clients’ needs and their own. They focus upon this goal seriously. They believe so strongly in helping others to seek their goals that they are willing to stake their entire present and future on it since this tradition started many decades ago, in 1961. Their principles (moral values) stand like a rock. The morale boast of 1961 is: “The client always comes first” and they strive to practice this philosophy. When clients are mistreated, their confidence is destroyed.

As a big family, 1961 realizes that their success depends on a total team effort – people working together to reach the same objectives. Every lawyer has a sense of synchronization about her or his work. At 1961 they emphasize this point very acutely. Every task is important for them, from the secretary answering the first call of the client asking for help to solve his or her problem, to the lawyer of the firm who has to solve it. This allows our clients the opportunity to experience how they work as a team. They emphasize the importance of being a good listener. Such a problem-solving process requires a common pattern:

1st – Identify it.

2nd – Analyze it.

3rd – Try to find a solution.

4th – Select the best alternative.

5th – Implementation.

6th – Follow- up until the end of the procedure or negotiation.

At 1961, they are deeply involved in their work and, like a family, they don’t neglect those who are closet to them. Their priorities are clearly established!

The word emphathy was referred to at the beginning of this brief text. Another key word that describes 1961 is enthusiasm. At 1961 they believe that nothing great is achieved without enthusiasm, because enthusiasm is a valuable quality for any team. United effort, that is how teamwork ensures all their tasks are executed. They are confident that the firm’s character will inevitably be reflected by those who work with them, that is of course, their clients.

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1961 Abogados y Economistas

Mestre Nicolau 19
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Barcelona, 08021

Law Firm Contact: Carlos Jiménez

Tel: +34 933 663 990

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