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Quito Tax Lawyer

Consult with a Proven Quito Tax Lawyer

The Quito tax lawyers at Meythaler & Zambrano Abogados represent clients in a wide range of tax services involving tax planning and structuring. Quito tax attorneys are knowledgeable in all areas of general tax law. Clients will have the confidence of knowing that their case is being handled by an experienced and knowledgeable Quito tax lawyer.

The Quito tax attorneys have experience representing clients in tax law matters:

  • Accounting
  • Employment Tax
  • Income Tax
  • Personal Property Taxation
  • Property Tax
  • Sales and Use Tax
  • Tax Audits
  • Tax Credits
  • Tax Evasion
  • Tax Fraud
  • Tax Planning

Experienced Quito Tax Attorney

A tax is a charge by the government on the income of an individual, corporation or trust, as well as the value of an estate or gift. The objective in assessing tax is to generate revenue to be used for the needs of the public. A tax is not a voluntary payment, but an enforced contribution exacted pursuant to legislative authority.

Trusted Quito Tax Law Firm

The Quito tax attorneys at Meythaler & Zambrano Abogados are distinguished by a history of successful tax claim recoveries and resolutions. For experienced representation in a tax dispute, contact the Quito tax lawyers at Meythaler & Zambrano Abogados in Ecuador.

Meythaler & Zambrano Abogados attorneys specializing in Tax Law: