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Car Accident Lawyer in Washington

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Car Accident Lawyer in Washington

Filing an auto accident claim is confusing. You must support everything with evidence, file before deadlines expire, and gather all the support your claim needs. Because of the complexities of crafting a sound argument for fault, filing on time, and gathering evidence, people often miss out on money they could receive in their claims.

Fortunately, you do not need to handle this alone. A car accident lawyer in Washington can collect the evidence necessary and prepare your claim to help maximize your recovery.

Is Washington a fault or no-fault state?

It is a fault state. This means that a negligent driver is liable for any injuries his actions cause. If you are at fault for your own accident, you will need to turn to your own insurance or pay for your damages out of pocket.

Can I recover compensation if I was partially at-fault?

Yes. Washington is a pure comparative negligence state, which means negligence on the part of an injured person will not bar him from recovery, even if he was 99 percent at fault.

For example, if Driver A is 60 percent at fault in an accident and Driver B is 40 percent at fault, in Washington State, they can both recover damages from each other. Let’s say they each have $10,000 in damages. Driver A will only be able to recover 40 percent ($4,000) and Driver B will only be able to recover 60 percent ($6,000) because of their respective negligent actions.

What should I expect from the claims process?

The first thing you will do is send a claim to the other driver’s insurance company. You can expect a call from an insurance adjuster within a few days. During this call, the adjuster will likely ask you to submit to a recorded statement. It is not in your best interest to give a recorded statement as the insurer will attempt to use anything you say against you.

Instead, have a car accident lawyer handle the communications for you. Your lawyer will speak with the insurer on your behalf.

What kinds of damages can I get if I have been injured in a car accident in Washington State?

You can recover both economic and noneconomic damages for your auto accident claim in Washington. They might include:

Economic damages are monetary losses that we can verify through objective evidence. These damages can include medical bills, lost wages, disability, property damage, and burial expenses.

Noneconomic damages are nonmonetary losses that do not have a set value (i.e., they are subjective). They can include pain and suffering, disfigurement, mental anguish, loss of consortium, and loss of society and companionship.

It is important to note that Washington law places a cap on the amount of noneconomic damages you can recover. The equation for the maximum allowed amount of noneconomic damages is: 0.43 multiplied by the average annual wage and then multiplied by the life expectancy of the injured person.

For example, if his average annual wage is $42,000, a person with a 35-year life expectancy could receive no more than $632,100 for noneconomic damages.

Get help from a Washington State car accident attorney.

The car accident claims process is complicated and by handling it yourself, you risk missing out on funds you desperately need. You need to know the law in Washington to make the best possible decisions on your claim. A Washington car accident lawyer can help you understand the law and evaluate your claim.

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