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Prospective Members.

Prospective Members

About Us

The Primerus Personal Injury Institute (PPII) is a group of outstanding trial lawyers who represent plaintiffs and consumers nationwide in personal injury and many other matters. PPII members are known for achieving superior results for their clients in the most complex cases in both state and federal courts. PPII members are experienced in handling personal injury, medical malpractice, products liability and any type of case in which an individual has been harmed physically or suffered monetary loss.  PPII members understand the unique legal and personal challenges facing their clients. They are active, in-court trial lawyers who vigorously represent the rights of their clients both in and out of the courtroom. They share a commitment to the highest standards of professionalism and integrity, and they take a genuine interest in their clients’ well-being.  The Primerus Personal Injury Institute ensures the continued growth of its member firms through marketing, collaboration, education and networking.

Six Pillars

All of our member attorneys commit to following the Six Pillars: Integrity, Excellent Work Product, Reasonable Fees, Continuing Legal Education, Civility, and Community Service. Through our commitment to these values, we have been able to attract and retain some of the world’s best law firms.

What Our Members Say

“Since our firm joined Primerus, I have come to know and associate with some of the highest quality lawyers and law firms that I’ve ever known. Primerus is every bit as much of a family as it is an outstanding professional association. In Primerus, we have found a truly global kinship and real partnership with friends and professionals from all over the world. I can honestly say that I’ve benefitted professionally and socially from all of the people we’ve met through Primerus…Yes, the slogan “good people who happen to be good lawyers” certainly applies to Primerus… But for the most part, I’ve come to know great people who are great lawyers. I have found that if I have a legal issue, one of my best bets to find quality answers is to go to our Primerus members. We have received numerous referrals, enjoy outstanding educational programming (which, by the way, has been vastly superior to most of the CLE programming I’ve seen in other bar associations), and established lifelong friendships along the way.”

— Steve Lane, Primerus Member (Chicago, Illinois)

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Frequently Asked Questions

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