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Colorado Legal Malpractice Lawyer

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Colorado Legal Malpractice Lawyer

Legal malpractice follows the notion that if a lawyer was negligent and failed to provide the service expected of him or her, resulting in damages, you have the right to seek compensation for those damages. Get help from a Colorado legal malpractice attorney today.

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Legal malpractice occurs when a lawyer fails in his duties to you as a client. Some examples of legal negligence include:

  • Misleading fee agreements
  • Not divulging a conflict of interest
  • Failure to communicate
  • Not filing within the statute of limitations

Note that just because your legal case does not resolve in your favor does not mean that your lawyer was negligent and committed malpractice. You must have evidence to prove that your lawyer’s conduct was below the standard expected of another reasonable lawyer.

Evidence in a legal malpractice case revolves mainly around the correspondence and documentation related to your original legal case. Some types of evidence to collect include:

  • Copies of emails or voicemails from your attorney
  • A timeline of your case with notations of missed deadlines
  • Documents your lawyer filed on your behalf
  • Invoices or fee breakdowns
  • Evidence indicating a conflict of interest

You should keep a record of all the times you attempted to contact your lawyer and who, if anyone, you spoke to. Another asset to your case is having a lawyer practicing the same type of law who can testify to the negligence of your original lawyer. Many Colorado legal malpractice attorneys have connections with these expert witnesses.

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You will file your claim against the lawyer through his professional liability insurance policy. Your claim for damages needs to include evidence showing the lawyer’s negligence in regards to your claim and evidence of the losses you suffered due to his conduct, e.g., legal fees, court fees.

Damages in a legal malpractice case cannot be speculative; they must be calculable damages, such as the fact that you lost your entire claim because your lawyer failed to file the claim prior to the statute of limitations.

Note: You must file your claim within the two years following the malpractice event as per Colorado’s statute of limitations.

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Remember that you are filing a claim for damages against a lawyer, so there is a good chance he will not back down and may offer you the lowest amount possible. Prepare yourself for the potential for lengthy negotiations and counter-offers. If your original lawyer does not agree to your demands and refuses to negotiate a fair settlement, you may need to take your case to trial in a Colorado County Court or District Court.

A Colorado legal malpractice lawyer can help you file your claim, gather evidence, negotiate a settlement, and, if necessary, fight for you in court.

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