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Ohio Truck Accident Lawyer

Even with all of the regulations the federal government imposes on the trucking industry, trucks still cause severe injuries and fatalities on our roadways. In 2013, truck accidents caused nearly 4,000 deaths and 95,000 injuries, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). After an accident, victims may be eligible to file a claim for compensation. For help, contact a Primerus Ohio truck accident lawyer.

Ohio Truck Accident Attorney With Proven Track Record of Success

While the claims process for commercial truck accidents and car accidents is similar, there are several notable – and important – differences.

First, truck accident cases are much more complex because of the federal regulations that come into play. This is in addition to complex liability matters such as vicarious liability and the fact that multiple parties may be at fault, e.g., the driver, the trucking company, the auto repair company, the cargo loaders, or even a manufacturer of a component on the truck.

Then there is the issue of the potential destruction of evidence. Victims of truck accidents need to act swiftly and have their lawyer send out a letter of spoliation to the carrier to preserve important documents before the law allows the company to destroy potential evidence.

Combine all of this with the fact that truck companies usually employ teams of litigators to fight claims brought against them, and you can begin to see how unique truck accident cases really are.

But while truck accident personal injury and wrongful death claims are challenging, you can win them. If your case meets all the legal requirements (negligence, causation, damages, etc.), with a knowledgeable Ohio truck accident attorney, substantial evidence, and fortitude, you can pursue a claim or suit against the party responsible for the accident and recover a wide range of damages.

Contact an Ohio Truck Accident Lawyer

If you or your loved one recently suffered severe or fatal injuries in a truck accident, the first thing you will want to do is contact an Ohio truck accident lawyer to review your legal options. Most firms offer initial consultations free of charge and work on a contingency fee basis meaning you do not pay anything unless the firm wins your case.

After speaking with an Ohio truck accident lawyer and filing your claim, ensure you continue your medical care and take care when speaking with insurance adjusters, as they will use anything you say or do against you to refute or reduce your claim. You can always tell the adjuster to communicate solely with your attorney to avoid saying something you may regret.

Speak with an Experienced Ohio Truck Accident Attorney

After the insurer has concluded its investigation, it will either offer you a settlement or deny your claim. If the insurer denies your claim or refuses to offer you a fair settlement, an Ohio truck accident attorney can fight for your right to compensation in court.

To schedule an initial consultation or to discuss the circumstances of your truck accident, contact an Ohio truck accident attorney to determine if you have a claim.

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