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Michigan Personal Injury Lawyer

Michigan’s personal injury laws allow victims to pursue compensation if they suffer injuries due to another person’s negligence. If you suffered injuries, you may be eligible to collect compensation to cover medical costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering. In most cases, this requires filing an insurance claim with the at-fault party’s insurer. Contact a Primerus Michigan personal injury lawyer for a free case evaluation.

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Where you file a claim depends on how you sustained your injury. For example, consider this list of accidents and the corresponding policy with which you would file a claim:

  • Car accidents: auto insurance policy, only in cases of permanent injury
  • Truck accidents: depends on liability, but often with the trucking company’s insurer
  • Slip and falls: homeowner’s insurance or the store’s liability insurance
  • Dog attacks: homeowner’s insurance
  • Medical malpractice: medical professional’s liability insurance
  • Defective products or dangerous drugs: with the manufacturer

The key to winning compensation in a personal injury claim is to prove four things:

  • The other party had a duty to act in a certain way in order to keep you safe.
  • The other party was negligent in doing so.
  • This directly caused your injuries.
  • You suffered damages as a result of the incident.

The evidence you may use to prove your case includes:

  • Police reports
  • Witness accounts of the incident
  • Pictures of the site where the incident took place
  • Documentation of your injuries/medical records
  • Expert witness testimony

If your legal team collects the evidence necessary to prove your claim, you are eligible to collect both economic and noneconomic losses. Economic losses include medical bills, rehabilitation costs, and lost wages. Noneconomic costs revolve around pain and suffering and other emotional damages.

Michigan law limits noneconomic damages in product liability and medical malpractice cases to $280,000 ($500,000 for catastrophic injuries or death).

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Once you have filed a claim, it is likely that an adjuster from the insurance company will call you and ask for a recorded statement. Do not give a recorded statement without first speaking to a Michigan injury lawyer as you may inadvertently admit fault for the accident and reduce your settlement or bar your right to compensation.

Michigan law bars victims from recovering noneconomic compensation if they are more than 50 percent at fault. But the law allows recovery of economic damages even if the plaintiff is more than 50 percent at fault; it just proportionately reduces the award or settlement by the plaintiff’s percentage of fault.

If the insurer refuses to offer you a fair settlement, you can file a lawsuit. Under Michigan law, you have three years from the date your injuries occurred to file a lawsuit against the responsible party. If during pre-trial negotiations the insurer remains firm, a Michigan injury attorney can represent you in court and fight for your right to compensation.

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A Primerus Michigan personal injury attorney helps injured clients get the compensation they need and deserve. If you believe you may have a personal injury claim, contact a Michigan personal injury lawyer to learn more about your options.

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