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Illinois Personal Injury Lawyer

If you suffered physical, emotional, or financial harm due to the negligence of another person, you have the right to compensation for your damages under Illinois law. To discuss what steps you need to take to recoup your losses, contact a Primerus Illinois personal injury today.

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Incidents that result in a personal injury insurance claim or lawsuit may include:

  • Car accidents
  • Slips, trips and falls
  • Dog bites
  • Defective products
  • Dangerous drugs

In order to prove liability in these cases, it is necessary to have evidence to back up your claims of negligence. This evidence may include:

  • Accident reports/incident reports
  • Medical records
  • Photos of the accident scene
  • Eyewitness testimony
  • Medical expert testimony
  • Photos of your injuries

This evidence must show:

  • The liable party had a duty to keep you safe.
  • The party failed to uphold this duty.
  • The failure caused your injuries.
  • You suffered economic damages because of the incident.

Common types of evidence in these cases include:

  • Police/incident/accident reports
  • Statements from witnesses
  • Documentation of the scene
  • Medical records
  • Expert testimony

This evidence is also helpful when proving economic damages such as medical bills and lost wages. Noneconomic damages are more difficult to prove, but include pain and suffering and other emotional losses.

Note: Illinois law follows strict liability in both defective product and dog bite cases, meaning you do not need to prove negligence. The manufacturer or dog owner is automatically responsible for your injuries if you can prove causation.

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Most Illinois personal injury claims settle out-of-court through negotiations between your attorney and the liable party’s insurer. When this is not possible, however, a lawsuit can help you receive the compensation you need.

Illinois has a two-year statute of limitations for personal injury claims. The clock begins ticking the day the injury occurs. The law also requires your complaint meet certain specifications, known as fact-based pleading. This means you have to demonstrate the validity of your claim at the time you file the suit.

After your Illinois injury lawyer files the suit and the liable party receives notification, a process known as discovery begins. During discovery, it is likely that an adjuster from the insurance company will call you and ask for a recorded statement about the incident. Do not give a recorded statement without first speaking to an Illinois personal injury lawyer as insurers may attempt you use your words against you.

This is important as Illinois law outlines a modified comparative fault rule that states you are only eligible to file for damages if you are no more than 50 percent at fault for your injuries.

If the insurer refuses to offer you an adequate settlement, you can file a lawsuit. In most cases, personal injury lawsuits never reach a jury. Either your Illinois injury attorney negotiates a fair settlement or a mediator works to help both parties reach an agreement. If the case does go to an Illinois Court, a judge or jury will determine whether you receive damages.

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A Primerus Illinois personal injury attorney handles a wide variety of personal injury cases, and helps hundreds of clients recoup the money they lost due to an accident. An Illinois injury lawyer will investigate your case, collect evidence, and take all necessary steps to hold the negligent parties liable.

Illinois Personal Injury Lawyer
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