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California Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injury cases stem from accidents that occur due to someone else’s careless actions. If you sustained injuries because of another party’s negligence, you can file a personal injury claim against that party. Contact a California personal injury lawyer from Primerus to determine if you are eligible for damages.

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Most California personal injury cases (auto accidents, premises liability) are negligence-based, meaning your California personal injury attorney must prove the other party acted irresponsibly and caused your injuries. In order to prove negligence, you must be able to show:

  • The other party was under an obligation to do or not do certain things to ensure your safety.
  • The other party failed to meet this obligation (i.e., was negligent).
  • The other party’s action or inaction led to your injuries.
  • You suffered financial or emotional damages due to the other party’s negligence.

Victims (and their lawyers) often use medical records, witness testimony, and expert witnesses in conjunction with the facts of the case to prove negligence and establish liability.

Note: In most cases, you must prove negligence; however, California law may allow victims to file product liability claims under strict liability, which takes away the burden of proving negligence. In these cases, you must prove you used the product correctly and it caused your injuries and damages.

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Personal injury lawsuits seek to recover the financial damage due to the accident. Victims often recover economic damages including:

  • Medical bills
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Ongoing nursing care
  • Lost wages (past, present, and future)

California law also allows you to recover non-economic damages in a personal injury suit. This includes compensation for the pain and suffering you experienced as a result of the accident.

Note: In most cases, the negligent party’s homeowner’s or car insurance policy will pay for your damages, not the individual himself.

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In California, you have two years from the date your injury occurred to file a lawsuit or settle a claim. The statute of limitations to file a claim against a government agency is even shorter. You may have as little as six months to file this type of claim.

To begin the process, you must inform the at-fault party’s insurance company. After which, the insurance company will begin an investigation into the accident. It is likely that an adjuster from the at-fault party’s insurance company will call you and ask you for a recorded statement. You are not under any obligation to give the insurer a statement. Politely decline and ask them to speak with your California personal injury attorney.

The insurer may offer you a settlement shortly after you file the claim. Keep in mind that this is often a lowball settlement and you – or your California injury attorney – may have to negotiate for a fair amount. If you can both agree to a fair settlement, the ordeal is over. If not, it may be necessary to file a lawsuit.

In some cases, simply filing the lawsuit is enough to increase settlement offers, which would make an out-of-court settlement possible. If not, the case will continue to trial at the Marin County Superior Court where the court will hear evidence from both sides to determine liability and how much compensation you will receive.

Even though this process takes time and your medical bills are likely piling up, it is paramount to your case to continue seeing a doctor and receiving treatment. If you discontinue treatment, the insurer may argue that your injuries are not as severe as you claim or that you do not deserve compensation because you are allowing your injuries to worsen by not seeking medical treatment.

Brayton Purcell LLP can help you get the compensation you deserve if you suffered injuries due to the careless actions of another. A California injury lawyer can handle the claim and/or lawsuit from start to finish. Contact Primeurs today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.

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