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Hamburg Business Transactions Lawyer

Theresa  von Urff
Theresa von Urff
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Katharina  Helmdach
Katharina Helmdach
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Eckart  Brödermann, LL.M.
Eckart Brödermann, LL.M.
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Christina  Gatz
Christina Gatz

Gerrit  Dahle
Gerrit Dahle
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Florian  Bauer
Florian Bauer
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Antje  Mattfeld, LL.M.
Antje Mattfeld, LL.M.
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Philipp  von Dietze
Philipp von Dietze
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Andrea  Tiedemann
Andrea Tiedemann
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Eckard  von Bodenhausen, LL.M.
Eckard von Bodenhausen, LL.M.
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Tina  Denso, LL.M.
Tina Denso, LL.M.
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Christoph  Oertel
Christoph Oertel
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Manuel  Kayser
Manuel Kayser

Brödermann Jahn

ABC-Straße 15
Hamburg, Germany 20354

Hamburg Business Transactions Lawyer

Corporate law lies at the heart of Brödermann Jahn’s daily functioning. To us, corporate and business law build the bridges for any client to bring together the needs of a specific industry with shareholder’s interest or management decisions.

Experienced Hamburg Business Transactions Lawyer

Building on the tradition of the firm’s founders, Brödermann Jahn has, over the last 15 years, been involved in business transactions in numerous facets, with a range of perspectives, motives and aims. The different factors influencing each transaction and the prioritization of risks lead to customized solutions and different contracts for each single transaction.

As a full-service law firm touching all facets of business law, Brödermann Jahn’s business transaction lawyers have in-depth experience in:

  • Antitrustin Hamburg Germany
  • Bankingin Hamburg Germany
  • Business Contractsin Hamburg Germany
  • Compliance and Corporate Governancein Hamburg Germany
  • Corporate Lawin Hamburg Germany
  • Customs and Export Controlin Hamburg Germany
  • Information Technologyin Hamburg Germany
  • Insurance Lawin Hamburg Germany
  • Intellectual Propertyin Hamburg Germany
  • International Project Workin Hamburg Germany
  • International Tradein Hamburg Germany
  • Labour Lawin Hamburg Germany
  • Mergers & Acquisitionsin Hamburg Germany
  • Private International & Comparative Lawin Hamburg Germany
  • Public Procurementin Hamburg Germany
  • Real Estate Transactionsin Hamburg Germany
  • Satellite and Space Lawin Hamburg Germany
  • Unfair Competitionin Hamburg Germany

Consult With a Reputable Business Transactions Lawyer in Hamburg

The experience of Brödermann Jahn in numerous industries, and the positive interaction within the team gives us the possibility to adapt our speed to the requirements of each mandate. This is especially important in international transactions, in which factors such as “foreign law” and “foreign mentality” lead to a particular complexity which Brödermann Jahn can simplify and master for its client.

Brödermann Jahn

ABC-Straße 15
Hamburg, Germany 20354

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Brödermann Jahn

ABC-Straße 15
Hamburg, Germany, 20354

Law Firm Contact: Prof. Dr. Eckart Brödermann

Tel: +49 40 37 09 05 0

Fax: +49 40 37 09 05 55



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